By Amethyst Fire


The usual disclaimer, Paramount and Viacom own the entire universe! Well at least the Star Trek universe! This is my story. The characters, ships, etc. belong to them but the story line is mine. I just borrowed the characters so I could play with them for a little bit. Please talk to me before reproducing, mutilating, changing, posting, stealing, etc. my story. Thank you.

This is set about 20 years after Voyagers return and the Endgame episode. Some spoilers for the episode obviously they got home… Anyway, enjoy and I love feedback for a snack. LOL. *** Denotes dreams, vision quests, etc.

It was twenty-four stairs to the bottom. Twenty-four stairs, round the corner, crawl over the knick-knack table, out the left front window, down the creaky old wooden porch steps, down the front walk, hop the hedges, and dash into the inky black freedom of the night.

Stairs number sixteen, twelve, eight, and three were the noisy ones. Every move she made was calculated so she didn’t wake her parents. She didn’t want to get caught at this late stage in the game. Talk about a real downer!

She gingerly made her way down the stairs, careful to mind the noisy ones. She rounded the corner and stopped dead in her tracks. There was her mother, sitting at her desk, staring at the console in front of her. The office looked right out into the entry way and the base of the stairs. She froze as her heart thundered in her ears. Agonizing minutes passed and nothing. Her mother must have seen her! Especially with the living room window at her back, moonlight illuminating her figure in the darkness and against the shadows.

Silence filled the house. Not even the whisper of the wind through the open windows made a noise.

As her heart rate subsided, she could hear the soft sounds of sleep coming from her mother. She had fallen asleep at her desk again. That was typical. After dinner she would retreat to her office and spend hours there until she finally fell asleep. There was always a report, a meeting to attend, a conference call, a ship to staff, a recommendation or speech to write. Always the job, the job, the job! Never enough time for the family, it seemed.

Quickly, she resumed her escape and opened the front window a little wider. Now came the complicated part. Not only did she have to remove every single knick-knack from the table but she had to remember how they were organized and place them back on the table just so once she was outside. She didn’t dare walk straight out the front door. It groaned like an old man who had just lost a chess game in the park.

As fast as she could, she placed all thirteen objects into her knap sack, crawled out the window, then reached back in and replaced each one in it’s spot. Next, she walked the rail of the porch like a balance beam. It was a lot easier and quieter than tiptoeing across the groaning porch.

She skillfully dismounted the rail over the hedges, ran down the sidewalk, then jumped the hedges like hurdles at a track meet. Now it was off into the open night. She would worry about getting back into the house later. She knew it meant scaling the trellis to the balcony of her parents bedroom then sliding undetected through the French doors, down the hall, and into her own room before her mother came to rouse her at oh-five hundred… but she would worry about that later. Right now, it was midnight, she was free, and she was going to live wild for a few hours.

Kathryn woke and instantly winced. Her neck ached and her shoulders felt like they had more knots than Ferengi had profits! Her eyes ached with the pain of eyestrain from looking at the computer screen for too long.

The news had arrived this morning and she couldn’t help but be worried and concerned. She had this feeling in her gut that was persistent and she just knew something had to be wrong.

Voyager II hadn’t made their normal check-in for nearly two weeks. In the beginning they had suspected a communication quirk, but Pathfinder had reported nominally.

Kathryn had opted not to tell Victoria the truth. She just told her that her father’s ship had moved out of communications range but they were returning soon. She played her poker face well because she hadn’t wanted to share her fears with her daughter. How could she worry her like that? She didn’t want Victoria to worry over her parents and their travels in space. She didn’t want her to grow up with a fear of space. There was no point in informing her until they had confirmation of… something.

Kathryn stretched when she stood then flipped the console closed. Her mind was reeling as she weighed the possibilities… and her options. She knew most anyone would have called her crazy for what was running through her head, but she didn’t care. If he was in trouble… no. She couldn’t allow herself to think about that now. No reason in making herself sick over this. She would wait until tomorrow. Surly by then Starfleet would know something.

Quietly, she made her way up the stairs through the too quiet house to her too quiet bedroom and her too lonely bed. She ached for him and missed him. Not hearing his voice in over two weeks was beginning to weigh heavily on her. She was still very much in love with him… as she had been from the beginning, and she just couldn’t lose him now. Not after all they had been through and survived through! No. She had to keep that possibility out of her mind. He was still alive. She would have known if he weren’t.

She looked at the chronometer as she climbed into her bed. In under five hours she would be waking up to make breakfast for Victoria and then it would be off to Head Quarters to determine what to do about the missing in action Voyager II… and her missing in action husband, Captain Chakotay.

“You will give me Janeway… or I will assimilate the entire galaxy to find her!” the smooth, all to mechanical voice demanded.

He looked around. He couldn’t see her, but that voice… it sounded familiar. Where had he heard it?

“I will never give her to you.”

“No matter.” The voice cooed in his ear. “I will have her soon enough. In just a few moments your thoughts will belong to me and the entire collective.”

His mind railed. Who was that voice… obviously the Queen, but why did it sound so painfully familiar to him.

Agonizing moments passed as the nanoprobes infected his entire body. His mind screamed as they gripped him from within. So this is how it felt to become nothing. He groaned in pain. He felt like he was losing his mind. Even dying wouldn’t have been this bad. He almost wished they had. The crew… where were they? Probably being assimilated as he was being.

“They are. They all will make fine drones.” She whispered in a husky computer voice. “Your thoughts are mine, even your thoughts of your most intimate moments with her. You are in union with her.”

“You have us. Leave her.”

“Yes. I will leave her. She will come to me.” The Queen decided, very pleased with herself and her newest, valuable drones in her collective.

“You’ll never have her!” the Captain bellowed as the implants erupted through his flesh.

Suddenly, the Queen showed herself to him and he stared, open mouthed and wide eyed. He was too stunned in that moment to feel pain, or anything but shock.

“Never will I enjoy an assimilation more than I will enjoy that of Admiral Janeway.” She stated, staring down at him until he blacked out from pain.

Victoria felt the Personal Cruise Vehicle moving at mach speeds. Tommy had just received this license and had been begging her to go out with him. She had a difficult time understanding why and how she had never seen him as anything but a friend before. With his tanned complexion, baby blue eyes, and mane of sandy colored hair, he was so very handsome. The subtle ridges on his forehead gave his face character.

“Did your dad really give you your own P.C.V. for your eighteenth birthday?” she asked, delighted as they broke the atmosphere and erupted into the endless black night of space, interrupted only by the bright pin point lights of the star field. They hovered less than a hundred meters above the atmosphere. Any further would have caused the vehicle to stall and they would have rocketed back the Earth in a fireball.

“My license was for my birthday, the P.C.V. was my graduation and acceptance into the Academy present.”

“I think I have been studying for the Academy since I was born! But mom told me the competition is fierce. Both of my parents want me to go to the Academy and follow in the tradition of the family and go into the command field.” Victoria sighed.

“My dad wants me to be a pilot. Miral went into the command field. Mom was really hoping one of us would be an engineer. I don’t know if I would like that. I like to fly, but I really like studying the operations of ships. I like to know how everything works. What do you want to do?”

Victoria giggled. “It might sound silly, but I want to be Chief of Security and operate the weapons. I want to be the one with my hand on the control for the torpedo’s and I want to be the one kicking ass and taking name later. Talk about a rush.”

Tommy laughed. “Adrenaline junkie much?”

“I have the need for speed and excitement.” She replied.

“Good. Take the conn.”

She gulped. “Excuse me? I am only permitted to fly with a licensed trainer. I don’t even have my practice permit, yet.”

“Come on, it’ll be fun. Besides, my dad is a licensed trainer and he taught me everything he knows. I can always take over if something goes wrong or you get too nervous.” Tommy encouraged.

For the second time, all Victoria could hear was her heart thundering in her chest. Adrenaline pumped through her veins as her fingers hovered over the conn.

Tommy expertly instructed her and soon they were back to Earth, buzzing treetops and dodging skyscrapers at Victoria’s control.

Victoria laughed gleefully as she watched the scenery whiz past on the viewscreen. “This is wonderful, Tommy!”

“I thought you’d enjoy it! Now head East towards the Atlantic.” He instructed. “I have a surprise for you.”

Victoria did as he instructed. Her heart was racing. He had a surprise for her. All for her. He had planned this entire night. She’d always secretly had a crush on him, but she thought they were too good of friends to feel that way. That and she could never tell with any certainty how he felt about her. They had grown up together since they were in diapers and they had never been anything but best friends.

“Woh, woh, stop right here and watch the screen.” Tommy said quietly as he smiled. Her eyes were locked on the viewscreen. They could see the black evening sky where it met the inky ocean. He took the controls and set the PCV to hover just above the lapping waves. He hoped very much that she liked his surprise. He had always felt very deeply for her and he often wondered if she felt the same for him. He remembered being six years old when she as four, and asking her dad, his God-father, before the witnesses of both of their families, for her hand in marriage. Both families had laughed it off and thought it very cute, but he had been serious. Just as serious then as how he felt for her now.

The difference was, now he was eighteen and she was sixteen and he was praying he had read her right and she felt the same for him as he felt for her.

Her gasp of delight drew him out of his thoughts. She was wide-eyed and smiling beautifully.

“Oh Tommy!” she cried out as she watched the sun creep over the ocean horizon and slowly color the water blue, first midnight, then navy. “It’s breathtaking!”

“I had hoped that you would like it, Victoria.” He whispered as he leaned closer to her. “Victoria…” he whispered as she turned. Now their lips were only a couple of millimeters apart.

‘It’s now or never…’ he thought.

Tommy leaned forward swiftly and pressed his lips to hers.

Victoria’s senses exploded as his lips touched hers. She kissed him back, opening her mouth to him and feeling his eager tongue dart into her mouth.

After a few tender moments, he pulled back and gazed at her. She was just as breathtaking as the birth of the dawn. Her deep auburn locks glistened like lacquer, her azure blue eyes sparkled with fire, passion and curiosity, and her smooth olive skin was radiant. She was a rare beauty and complimented both of her parent’s features.

“I should get you home before you mom worries.” He said.

Victoria was dazed and just nodded. Tommy had kissed her. It was a real kiss… not like those silly pecks on the cheek he gave her when they were with their families.

“I’ll call you later.” He said as they hovered just down the block from her house.

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful night.” She sighed as he leaned in and stole another kiss.

As she started down the ramp, he admired the way her long locks of lacquer colored hair curled at the end and brushed against her waste. “Victoria?”

She turned, setting him ablaze inside with the sparkle of her eyes. “Yes, Tommy?”

“Will you be mine?”

“Always have been. Are you mine?”

“I have been since the moment you were born, love.”

Victoria smiled. “I love you.”

“And I love you. Now hurry. It’s almost oh-four-thirty!”

Victoria bounded down the ramp and felt as though she floated down the block towards her house. It was official. She had a boyfriend, and she was his girlfriend and the world was perfect for the moment.

Just as she had practiced, she scaled the trellis. She actually half wondered if she floated up it. Carefully, she slipped over the edge of the balcony and peeked through the French doors. As she had hoped, the bed was empty. That meant that her mom had never made it there, or she was already up. She unlatched the door, slid inside, then quietly closed it. As lightly as she could, she tiptoed across the room, out into the hallway, then into her room. She had to stop herself from leaping with joy into her bed. As she cuddled into the pillows, she dozed off thinking of Tommy and how perfect life was at that moment.

Tommy was elated as he parked his PCV. Victoria was his! She was his girl and she had told him she loved him. He bounded towards the house.

“And where have you been all night?” his fathers voice boomed.

“Out.” He simply replied, feeling his temper perk. He continued walking.

“That’s it? Just out? No explanation why you kept your mother and I up all night worried?”

“Give it a rest, Dad. I’m eighteen. I’m a man now, not a little boy. Do I have to inform you of every instant of my life? What about my privacy?” He really didn’t want to ruin his morning by arguing with his dad.

“You deserve your privacy, but as far as being a man… so long as you keep sneaking out of the house like a thief, you’ll never be a man. A man walks with his back straight and proud. He doesn’t cower in the shadows and slink around as he’s trying to sneak out of the house.” Tom Paris informed his son, sternly.

Tommy stopped and turned back to his dad. He was right and he knew it. He said as much to his father. Then he added. “I took a girl out, last night. Wanted to show off the new ride.”

Tom perked up a bit at this. A chip off the old block, indeed. So long as that was the extent of the chip. “So who is the lucky lady to be dating a Paris?”

“Victoria Janeway.” He breathed her name. Her name was just as sweet on his lips as hers had been.

Tom stopped and stared at his son. He wasn’t surprised at his choice. Everyone in the entire family had known how close the two kids were. It was almost written in the stars that they would end up together. Was surprised him was that Victoria was out so very late on a school night.

“Does Kathryn know?”

“Of course not, Dad. Come on. I’m not trying to be disrespectful, but Kathryn doesn’t really pay a lot of attention to Victoria. She’s always too busy with work.”

Tom sighed. It was true. Despite having become parents, both Kathryn and Chakotay had elected to stay with Starfleet. Chakotay took a promotion to Captain and Kathryn was promoted directly to Admiral upon bringing Voyager home. Chakotay captained Voyager for a while once she was refitted and recommissioned, and Kathryn stayed grounded in San Francisco at Head Quarters. Then, last year Chakotay had been given Voyager II, a state of the art ship with the perfected slip stream drive and designed for long term exploration, colonization, and establishing a permanent Federation presence in the Delta Quadrant.

Unfortunately, Victoria suffered. She was a very well rounded student and beautiful, intelligent, and witty young woman, but when it came to having unconditionally devoted parents, she was lacking.

“Listen, son. Kathryn and Chakotay are good people and good parents, it’s just that sometimes when you try to balance a career, priorities get lost in the struggle and families are just expected to compensate and go onward, even though there is something lacking.”

“So that’s why you and mom left Starfleet when I was born?” he asked.

“Yes. We tried it when Miral was little. Your mother and I got posted on the same ship and it allowed passengers and families, but once we discovered we were expecting you, we knew it wasn’t going to work. I remember what it was like having a father devoted to Starfleet and I didn’t want that for you or Miral.” Tom told him.

“Could you and mom maybe talk to Kathryn and Chakotay? Let them know how much Victoria is suffering. I know she would never approach them herself, but maybe if you could…”

Tom smiled at his son. It was moments like this when he was proud to be a father. He had been so concerned about having a son because he was afraid of the kind of example he was going to set for a boy… but now it appeared that he had done just fine. He had raised his boy to be a man… a strong, handsome, caring, loving, compassionate, intelligent man.

“As soon as Chakotay returns, we’ll have them over for dinner. Now lets get inside for breakfast before your mother decides to skin us alive!”

Tommy laughed. “Must be a female thing because only she and Miral share that Klingon temper.”

Tom patted his son on the back as they headed towards the house. He was very proud of both of his children but especially of his son… for not turning out as he had when he was a young man.

“Pathfinder has detected debris of Voyager II.” Admiral Picard announced to the assembly of Admirals in the conference room at Federation H.Q. in San Francisco. “Based on preliminary reports, the ship was destroyed using the self-destruct feature. There are no weapons signatures and we have not detected a signal from the escape pods. We are theorizing that the pods were never ejected. Pending any further evidence, all hands are being classified as lost.”

Admiral Kathryn Janeway felt like someone had sucker punched her in the gut and she felt the eyes graze upon her. Captain Chakotay, Commander Kim, Lieutenant Hanson a.k.a. Seven of Nine, Ensign Naomi Wildman, and acting Ensign Miral Paris who was completing her thesis project for her junior year at the Academy… All of them dead? She felt like the was going to be sick. After all they had gone through to set the time line straight. After they had survived seven years in the Delta Quadrant!

“We will continue the search and rescue mission. We are sending the new slip stream ship Explorer Delta to recover debris and any survivors. If there is nothing else, the board is dismissed.” Picard finished. “Admiral Janeway, I would like a moment.”

Janeway, stunned into silence, followed Admiral Picard into his office.

“Kathryn, I know that this is terrible for you, but pull it together because I have something to tell you that only I am privy to. We have reason to believe the Borg attacked and hunted Voyager II. We believe the Borg may have assimilated the crew as well. Twenty years ago you crippled them severely when you brought Voyager home. They have strengthened themselves again and I believe they are planning to exact their revenge on humanity.” Picard told her.

Janeway gazed into his steel colored eyes. He had almost as much intimate experience with the Borg as she had. Surly he must have known was was coming from her.

“Jean-Luc, let me take the prototype.”

“Kathryn, it is still being tested. There is no way I can let an uncomissioned ship travel around the galaxy. Any number of things can go wrong.”

“Jean-Luc, I spent seven years in the Delta Quadrant. We had to improvise and compensate for not enough supplies, not enough weapons, never enough of anything. We had to turn squares into circles on so many occasions. We survived. Legacy is my ship. I designed her for the Delta Quadrant based on my experiences and Voyager’s logs. The technology the late Admiral Janeway brought with her from the former future has been fully integrated into Starfleet’s systems. Jean-Luc, I must do this.”

The elder Admiral sighed. If he knew anything at all about the Janeways’ it was that they were stubborn and persistent. Once determination seated itself, there were no opponents too great.

He knew how she felt, but there were rules and regulations to follow. He couldn’t just let her go space cowgirl on him, saddle up the new ride, and take off into dangerous territory. If such a technologically advanced ship were to fall into Borg hands… all of their defenses would be useless as soon as they assimilated the technology into their own. It would set the Federation back twenty-five years!

“You are going to make me tell the families of these people that their loved ones have been assimilated and that Starfleet refuses to send its new ship after them because it is a little risky.

Jean-Luc gritted his teeth. “Sacrifice of the few for the good of the many.” He roared. He hadn’t meant to, but he was angry. Angry for being forced to hold firm to the rules. He wanted to do exactly what she was proposing, but he couldn’t and she should have known that.

“My husband was on that ship. And Miral Paris, my God-daughter!” Janeway cried out, near hysterical.

“And you were someone’s daughter too, Janeway. When you were given up for dead when the search for Voyager was abandoned, the Federation had to stand up against the heartbroken family members of Voyager’s crew.”

Janeway’s jaw tightened and her features hardened. “That was different. There was no evidence that we didn’t perish. The Voyager II crew is different. We know they are still alive! They can be saved. Both you and I are living proof that assimilation can be reversed.”

Jean-Luc hated being reminded of Locutus, of what he had become when he had been assimilated by those monsters. “I am not and can not give you Legacy. I can’t, in good conscience, let you take that ship and endanger yourself, your crew, and the entire Federation.

Now Janeway was fuming. She felt the tears welling up inside her but she refused to cry.

“Permission to be dismissed, Admiral.”

“Permission granted, Janeway, but you were never here in an official capacity.”

Janeway snapped back to him. “Then off the record, Jean-Luc, Starfleet better hang onto their asses because they are about to find out what this Admiral is all about.”

“Kathryn…” Jean-Luc felt his heart go out to the still young woman. He knew the kinds of things that were running through her mind, and he also knew what a formidable force she could be and he pitied Starfleet and the Borg. They had finally hit her where it hurt and now she was going to make them pay. He couldn’t shake the eerie feeling that this blow had been directed straight towards her. It was very odd that the Borg had all but ignored Starfleet’s presence in the Delta Quadrant until Voyager II had shown up, staffed with not only Janeway’s husband but former Voyager crew members and the children of Voyager crew members. Everyone on that ship was related to Voyager in some way. Deep down, he knew that the Queen was itching for another round with the infamous Kathryn Janeway. “Friend to friend, I don’t know what you are planning, but good luck.”

Janeway softened a bit. “If I don’t come back, I would suggest getting as far away from sector 001 as possible. And if it comes to that, please take my daughter with you. Thank you, old friend.” She exited the room with a sad smile.

Suddenly, Jean-Luc knew exactly what she was going. “God speed, Kathryn.” He whispered. He often wished he still possessed her fire and determination. Sixteen years behind a desk had stolen that from him. He wished he could still get all gung-ho and warp speed it to the far reaches of the galaxy and explore the unknown. But his time had come. He was old and he had finally accepted his promotion to Admiral and gave up the coveted Captaincy of the Enterprise. Command was turned over to a young Captain of six years experience. His time in the hot seat had passed. The time had finally arrived to make way for the eager, the new, and the fresh-faced adventure seekers.

“We are the Borg. Resistance is futile. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own.”

Annika felt the implants erupt on her face and she screamed. Not again! She had finally established her humanity and had the remainder of her previous implants removed when Voyager had returned to Earth. After the technology had been removed from her body, she had decided it was time that she learned to use her human name, Annika Hanson, rather than her Borg name of Seven of Nine. She was no longer Seven of Nine of anything. She was one of one.

She turned her head to her left at the crying sounds made by her young crewmates, Naomi Wildman and Miral Paris. There were seven human years between them and they had become very close friends, both having been born on board Voyager… one at the beginning of the journey and the other and the last moment.

“Seven of Nine tertiary adjunct of unimatrix 01. I have missed my young fledgling.” The cold, liquid voice spoke from above her.

Annika felt a cold shiver ripple down her back. That voice. It had changed some how but she knew that voice!

“You have become very close to the Admiral. Tell me, Seven. What is she working on?”

Annika hardened. She was scared stiff at the sound of the Queen’s voice. “I am not privileged to know the projects that Admiral Janeway is involved in.”

“No matter. I hear your thoughts now.” The Queen hummed as Seven’s thoughts joined those of the collective.

Annika felt a tear escape down her cheek against her will. She was in pain and she was having her humanity stolen from her a second time. How could this be happening? She never faulted Captain Chakotay’s decisions, but how? Why? It was maddening to hear the two little girls next to her, crying in pain and terror.

The Queen smiled as she finally showed her face to Seven of Nine.

Annika’s eyes widened in sheer terror. She screamed. No, no, no! It couldn’t be possible! She wouldn’t, couldn’t believe it. She feared suddenly for the Federation and Starfleet and Admiral Janeway. The face of the Queen changed from the last time she had seen her, but the intentions had not and this time they were more vicious and brutal than ever… and so much closer to home. Whenever a Queen was destroyed, a new Queen was chosen, separated from the Collective, and given the ability to think for herself and to control the hive mind by giving orders. This new Queen struck fear into Annika’s heart.

“Legacy” the Queen whispered as she turned from Seven’s view. “It’s a shame you know nothing more than the name of the ship that will deliver her to me. No matter. Admiral Janeway’s time has expired.”

Kathryn entered her suddenly lonely home. She wanted to open the floor gates and cry but she couldn’t. She had too much to do. Far to much to accomplish. There wasn’t time for crying and feeling sorry for herself. She had a mission again and this again, she would not fail.

She made her way to her office and set about locating Legacy.

“Computer, do a search for the prototype ship known as Legacy. Authorization Janeway, Admiral Kathryn M. Lambda 746 Omega 56.” She ordered.

“Search complete. There are no Starfleet records on the prototype Legacy.” The cold female voice replied.

“Search classified records, security clearance Janeway, Admiral Kathryn M. Alpha 15 Alpha 9.”

“Request denied. Security clearance not high enough.”

Janeway gritted her teeth. If she didn’t have enough security clearance then who in God’s name did? She had security clearance to go anywhere and do pretty much anything she wanted but she didn’t have clearance high enough to access Legacy? Suddenly, she knew who did. The man in charge of the Legacy project. It couldn’t be anyone other than…

“Computer locate and send a subspace message to Admiral Reginald Barclay.”

In no time, Admiral Barclay’s face popped up on her screen. “Kathryn, how are you?” he asked.

“Not well, Reg. I am sure you have heard about Voyager II.” She stated.

“I have heard that they did not communicate with Pathfinder at their scheduled time. “

“There is more, Reg. Computer, secure channel.” She paused for a moment. “Starfleet thinks the Borg may be behind this.”

Reg’s eyes were wide as he took all of this in and suddenly, he realized why she was calling before she even said anything. “Kathryn, you know I can’t.”

“Reg, listen to me. It’s a matter of life and death. The crew of Voyager II were part of the family. Each and every one of them. I need access to Legacy. I need to know where she is.”

Admiral Barclay felt himself growing nervous and he knew he was going to begin stuttering. He had learned with therapy how to control the stutters except for when he grew really nervous.

“I… I cnnn… can’t… g…g…give… you… Le… Leg…Legacy, K… Kath…ryn.” He stuttered, embarrassingly. “Th… they’ll c…c…ourt m…m…martial m…m… me.”

“Chakotay, Miral, Naomi, Harry, Annika… they have all been assimilated. What am I supposed to tell their family and friends. Reg, I am their only hope because Starfleet is considering them lost. Please, Reg. You’re part of the Voyager family. You must know what this means.”

Reg closed his eyes. He did know what this meant. His family. The crew that he had worked so hard to help bring home. He had been father of the Pathfinder project which had brought their faces and voices home at least. Yes, he did know. He felt it too. He forced back the stutters.

“I… a… am encrypting and s.. sending you the coord… dinates. Not only are they en… encrypted but they are coded. You will have to b… break the code to find her. “

Janeway flashed him a small smile of appreciation as the computer downloaded the coordinates and she, in turn, downloaded them to her PADD. “Thanks, Reg. I will contact you when I return.”

“Good luck, Kathryn. Barclay out.”

Now she set about doing the next task. Legacy was designed for a commander, a pilot, an engineer, an ops officer, a tactical officer, a doctor, two security officers, and a science officer. She drew up the crew roster and hoped she the parties she put in the particular positions were willing to help. She herself was going to command the mission, she hoped to enlist Tom Paris as pilot, B’Elanna Torres-Paris as engineer, Bree-Anne Kim (Harry’s daughter) as security, Tuvok as Tactical and Security, and his daughter T’shel as the Ops and the specialized systems officer, Sam Wildman for the Science station, and Doctor Joe, their old holographic doctor turned sentient by his mobile emmiter, as the doctor. She wanted to keep it all in the Voyager family.

“Hi, Mom.” Victory called as she passed her office, headed for the stairs.

“Victory, would you please come in here for a moment?” she asked.

Victory had been her mother’s nickname for her ever since she was a child. She felt herself begin to sweat. Had her mom found out about last night? It wasn’t possible, was it? Had she heard her come in?

“We need to have a serious talk, honey.” For years she had been trying to shield Victoria from the harsh realities of Starfleet. Today, it was all going to hit her head long and she hoped she took it as well as possible.

“What’s up, Mom?” she was trying not to sweat. She knew her mom had been at the office all day because she was still clothed in her uniform. She was a very stunning, and impressive figure in her uniform. She had always felt very proud when she saw her mother in her uniform, even though that uniform was the reason why she and dad we always so far away.

“I have been assigned to a mission to go to the Delta Quadrant…”

Victoria’s hands flew to her mouth and she tried to hold back the floodgates. “Something has happened to Daddy!”

Kathryn, on the other hand, couldn’t control her tears any longer. “Starfleet thinks his ship was attacked by the Borg and that he and the crew were assimilated. I am going to rescue them.”

“He would have been better off dead!” Victoria wailed

“I am going to save him and the other Voyager II crew members. I promise.” Kathryn stated as she took her now crying daughter into her arms.

“I’m going with you.” Victoria whispered.

“I can not allow that. I want you to stay…”

“Forget it, Mom! You and Daddy are always running off to this meeting or that meeting or on a mission and I am forever left to wonder if you will return. This time, Daddy didn’t return. I am not going to be left to wonder if you will never return either!”

“Victoria, you must stay here. I cannot knowingly put you in harms way. I want you to stay wit Tommy Paris.”

Victoria’s eyes widened. “You’re taking Tom and B’Elanna with you too.” The though of staying completely alone with Tommy for weeks, maybe even months was very desirable… or it would have been under normal circumstances if their parents were just going on vacation, but this was different.

“I have to confirm with them, but yes, they are probably going as well.”

“I want to call and talk to Tommy after dinner.” Victoria said, then abruptly left the room. Her mind was reeling and she was trying to make a plan. They just had to go with their parents.

Kathryn rubbed away her tears then called the Paris home.

“Kathryn, hello!” Tom greeted her. “How’s life behind the big desk?”

“Is B’Elanna there with you?”

“I’m here, Kathryn.” B’Elanna’s disembodied voice replied before she came into view of the screen.

“Are you two sitting down?”

“Sure, what’s going on, Kathryn?”

She had saved this call for last. She knew it was going to be hard. “Computer, secure channel.” Again she paused before she spoke again while the line was secured. “Voyager II has been destroyed and it is feared that the crew has been assimilated.” She waited while the shocked expressions on their faces turned to pure horror. Their oldest and only daughter, Miral, had been onboard. “I am taking a crew after them.”

Tom and B’Elanna shared a look between them then turned back to their former Captain.

“I am going to steal Legacy. We are assembling at DS9 in three days. Can Victoria stay at your home?”

“She can. We will see you in three days, Captain.” Tom replied.

“Thank you. Computer, close channel.”

Victoria had been leaning against the wall outside of her mother’s office. She had heard everything. Her mom, the great Admiral Janeway, was going against Starfleet and was going to steal a starship. It was like a page out of the book of the great Captain Kirk. What in the universe would Starfleet and the Federation do to her mom once they found out that she had stolen a starship? She had to call Tommy. They had to finalize their plans tonight.

Later that evening, Victoria and Tommy sat together in his PCV. They were hovering just above the Earth’s atmosphere, seemingly out of reach of anyone.

“It’s bullshit, Vic!” he raged. “Miral is my sister and if she has been assimilated I want to go help kick some Borg ass. I think I am capable of firing a phaser, too!”

“How are we going to get to DS9? If we took a transport, it would take six days. They are leaving in three. We need something that can at least travel at Warp four!”

“Neelix!” Tommy gasped. “That’s it!”

“What is?” Victoria was slightly confused.

“Neelix has a slip stream shuttle. He was given special clearance by Starfleet to own one since he travels as ambassador between here and the Delta Quadrant. That and because his family is in the Delta Quadrant. He is here on Earth right now, but he’s scheduled to return to the Delta Quadrant in three days! We could probably convince him to drop us off at DS9 on his way!” Tommy took control of the ship and set a course for Paris.

Less than thirty minutes later, they landed in front of a restaurant in downtown Paris.

“Welcome to Le Neelix!” the little spotted man cried out joyfully as they entered the main doors. He was short in stature with bright orange tufts of hair sprouting from the top of his head. “Victoria Janeway! I haven’t seen you since… well, since last years Christmas party! How are you?”

“I’m good, Neelix. And how are you? How is the family?”

“Growing, as ever!” he replied joyously.

“This is fantastic, Neelix!” Tommy praised as he looked around. The restaurant was an authentic recreation of the Captain’s private dining room turned mess hall and Neelix’s kitchen from the infamous ship Voyager.

“We serve nothing but authentic Delta Quadrant cuisine as dined upon by the lost voyagers of the starship Voyager!” he announced proudly.

“It’s splendid!” Victoria gushed. It really did look like the room she had visited when her father had returned to Earth with the ship when it was under his command. Thoughts of her father made her eyes well up with tears. She fought them back. She could not cry. She couldn’t let on to Neelix that they were there for any other reason than to check out his new place and to ask for a favor.

“What are you two doing out and about so late? It must be oh-one-hundred in San Francisco.” He led the kids to the back of the restaurant to a private table.

“I wanted to take Victoria out somewhere special.” Tommy replied.

“Hey Neelix, I heard you are scheduled to return to the Delta Quadrant in a few days.”

“Not as an ambassador this time. I am going home to see my family. It has been two weeks and I just got word that my daughter, Kes, has had her baby. She named him after me. I have a grandson named Neelix!” he gleefully announced.

Neelix had elected to stay behind in the Delta Quadrant shortly before Voyager made it home. He had stayed with a wonderful Talaxian woman and her son and together they had produced twin girls that they had named Kes and Kathrin… Kes named for the young Ocampa who Neelix has loved enough to risk his life to save and Kathrin after the great Kathryn Janeway herself.

“Congratulations, Neelix! That is wonderful! How many does that make?”

“Two beautiful grandbabies. Kathrin had a daughter two months ago named Plixia. It is going to be nice for her and young Neelix to be so close in age. They can play together.”

Victoria smiled politely, then she put on her act. “Neelix, do you think you can drop us off at DS9 on your way back to the Delta Quadrant? I am doing a thesis project on wormholes and what better place to study them then at DS9. I would ask mom but she is too busy, and as for taking a transport, well I am already behind on the project. My class load as just been a little much for me to handle with all of the pre-Academy class I loaded up on. And Tommy said he would to along to help me.”

Neelix pondered this for a moment. He knew Admiral Janeway was really busy, and that sometimes Victoria seemed to get neglected in the chaos. It was good that she was so dedicated to her school work on her own. What a wonderful daughter she must be to the Admiral and the Captain. So self-sufficient.

“I don’t see that as being a problem. I am leaving in three days. Meet me here at eighteen-hundred.”

“Thanks, Neelix. You’re a life saver!” Victoria hugged the little spotted man.

“Think nothing of it. Now order up. It’s on me tonight. I have to see to the kitchen.”

After he was out of earshot, Victoria leaned towards Tommy. “It worked!” she nearly cried out in triumph. “Now we just have to worry about the hard part. Getting onto the station and getting on the runabout without being caught.”

Tommy smiled. “Leave that to me. I have a plan that will work. I am sure of it.”

After seeing that Victoria was transported to the Paris home, Kathryn boarded the runabout Atlantis. She kept the runabout at her home for personal uses. It saved trying to book passage on a ship, that and it allowed her to travel in privacy. The little ships systems could all be run manually from the bridge, from her console. She could travel at warp speeds greater than six, but she was still itching to get her hands on one of the sleek new slip stream shuttles like Neelix had.

She cleared Earth’s atmosphere and engaged warp six. She wanted to arrive at DS9 early. She didn’t want for all of them arriving at the same time like there had been precision planning. She had already confirmed her quarters on DS9 and her clearance to take her “vacationing” crew into the Gamma Quadrant, beyond the wormhole.

It was a short journey to the secret location where Legacy was being tested. It was remote and obscure and located in a dark matter nebula. After the end of the Dominion war, the Federation had established a permanent presence in the Gamma Quadrant and the Dominion had left them alone. A large security detail wasn’t necessary to ensure Legacy’s security because no one knew they were there. The nebula was dense enough to deflect scans from outsiders. The inner part of the nebula wasn’t quite as dense. Kathryn was counting on only a single ship and perhaps a security field around Legacy. If that were the case, they could drift past the security field, cruise along at impulse, hide their warp signature by powering down the engines, and slip right under Legacy’s bow without being detected. Stealing a starship wasn’t quite like stealing a piece of bubble gum from the candy shop, but for her, a seasoned Starfleet Admiral, with heavily classified information, it was going to be quite easy. And she knew her ship, almost as intimately as she had known Voyager.

“I hope it’s suitable.” B’Elanna said as she turned down the bed in the guestroom and helped Victoria unpack.

“It is perfect, B’Elanna. Thank you.”

“How are you holding up, Vic?” B’Elanna asked her as she sat down on the edge of the bed.

“I am fine. I am worried about Daddy though. I can’t stand the thought of him being one of those monsters.” She gritted her teeth.

B’Elanna put her arm around the young girl. “I know, honey, but we are going to get them back and we are going to put an end to the Borg once and for all.” She was sickened at the thought of her little girl, her Miral, as once of them too. It had taken her a long time to adjust to Seven of Nine when she had first joined the Voyager crew. Eventually, they had become friends, but it took forever. And how traumatic for Annika, formerly known as Seven of Nine, to have finally established her humanity just to have it ripped away a second time!

“Miral is strong like you, B’Elanna. She will be fine.” Victoria said, trying to offer comfort to the woman who she looked upon as a second mother.

B’Elanna smiled at her compassion. Her own soul was hurting but yet she was still compassionate enough about her feelings to offer words of comfort. Kathryn and Chakotay had raised a very beautiful little girl. “Thank you, Vic. I know she will. They all will. Now, if you need anything, you are supposed to call your Aunt Phoebe.”

“I know.” She knew they would only be hours behind Tom and B’Elanna but she still had to play her part, for their parents thought they would be safe and sound on Earth. Little did the adults know that she and Tommy already had quarters booked under false names. She had been booked as Wendy Brown and he had been booked under Peter Smith. Two very common names who wouldn’t raise a red flag at all if their parents happened to check DS9’s registry. And, being that Tommy was of legal adult age, they wouldn’t be questioned why they, two children, were traveling alone. It was the most common thing in the world. They booked their intentions as a school project on wormholes. What was more common than that? No red flags, no questions. They even booked very secluded, obscure quarters.


“I’m sorry, B’Elanna. Were you saying something?”

“I was saying that there are some holo passes so you and Tommy can see a show if you would like.”

“Thanks. That is very thoughtful. Tommy also promised that we could watch the tel… uh… television? Whatever that is.”

B’Elanna laughed. Both her husband and her son were fascinated by ancient technology. They had acquired a television, a boom box, an ancient computer as slow and old as a dinosaur, an automobile, and even some ancient gaming systems that connected to the television. “Twentieth century entertainment. It will grow on you.”

Victoria shriveled up her nose. “We’ll see.”

“Now no hanky-panky on the couch, or anywhere for that matter. I’m not ready to be anyone’s Grandpoppy yet.” Tom Paris said as he poked his head into the room.

Victoria blushed scarlet. She’d often thought about what it would be like to lose her virginity to Tommy, but she didn’t think about it happening now. There were other important things on her mind.

“Oh I nearly forgot, Vic, you are all up to date on your boosters right?” B’Elanna asked, suddenly frantic.

“Yes, B’Elanna. Every six month.” She tried to mask her flaming face.

“Good. I didn’t want to be worrying about that the entire trip.”

“Come on, Bee. Kids will be kids, but we had better get going.”

She kissed Victoria’s forehead then kissed Tommy as he entered the room. “I’m going to miss you both. We’ll be back very soon. All of us.” She said.

“Be careful.” Tommy said as his parents started from the room.

“Relax, son. This Starfleet flyboy’s still got it.” He flexed his bicep.

B’Elanna playfully punched him in the stomach and was rewarded with an “oof” from her husband as he stumbled backwards. “Yea, Starfleet, you just got stuffed by this Maquis. Now who’s still got it?”

“Let’s not forget, we won the war, Maquis.” He regained his composure.

“Too bad we weren’t in it. We were on the other side of the galaxy.” She corrected. “Come on. Let’s fly.”

“Later kids. Have fun running wild and being parentless for a while. Have wild crazy parties, trash the house, have fun… just put everything back the way it is supposed to be before we return.”

Tommy smiled at his comedic father. “Sure dad. Love you both.”

They watched the shuttle take off. They had already decided to wait an hour until the shuttle was well out of range before taking the PCV to Paris to meet up with Neelix.

“We accounted for everything, right?” Victoria asked.

“Don’t worry, Vic. We’ll be fine. The hard part is yet to come. I even remembered the portable pattern buffer.”

“How are we going to beat security?”

“I have it all planned. I have been studying Miral’s texts since I was in junior high. All we have to do is reroute our transporter signal through the waste disposal system, beam ourselves to the runabout, then dematerialize ourselves into the pattern buffer. We will time the computer to warn them to rematerialize us after they cross through the wormhole. It will take some doing, but I am confident that I can do it without scrambling our patterns or beaming us into space.”

“You are a genius and I love you!” Victoria gushed as they touched down in Paris.

The arrival at DS9 was unceremonious and very different. There was no beautiful ship poised on the upper pylon waiting for her to assume command, no mounting anticipation at meeting a new crew and taking on a new mission. This time it was purely personal. She felt emotional, not duty obligated. She was going to exact her revenge on the Borg and make them pay for their atrocities.

Major Kira Neryse and Commander Jake Sisko greeted her personally. After all, it wasn’t every day that Admiral Janeway paid their station a visit.

“At ease, please. I am not here in an official capacity. Just vacation bound.” She said.

“Admiral, it is a pleasure.” Major Kira said.

“Thank you, Major, but Kathryn will do.”

Both Major and Commander exchanged a look, then failed to hide their mind disorientation. It wasn’t every day that Starfleet brass authorized use of their first names either, obviously.

“Adm… uh… Kathryn, may I escort you to your quarters?” Commander Sisko offered.

“Certainly, Commander. Lead the way.”

He led her through DS9’s corridors. They looked so alien, not having been constructed by the Federation, yet some how elegant. He knew every inch of the station having grown up on it. Naturally, he went into Starfleet. He climbed the ranks and was promoted to Lieutenant Commander of DS2. When his father made Admiral, Jake had been offered promotion to Commander of DS9 behind Kira Neryse who took command of the station.

“Admiral, you and the others of your crew have been booked the Presidential quarters. I hope you approve.”

“Completely unnecessary but thank you.” She said as she stepped into the lavish quarters. Perks of being heros.

“If there is nothing further, Admiral, please enjoy your stay on DS9.” He said, hoping to be dismissed, which she granted him.

Janeway snickered once the doors swished closed behind him. She was reminiscing about young, fresh faced Harry Kim, when she first made his acquaintance on Voyager docked here at DS9. Jake reminded her of Harry, so rigid, so uncomfortable, trying to be the most appropriate officer.

“Sir.” Harry had addressed her. True, it was appropriate, but not for Kathryn Janeway. Sir was too masculine, and she hated Ma’am, which Harry had tried as well. No. for Kathryn Janeway, her title was the most appropriate way to address her and she was certain everyone around her, under her command or just of less seniority, knew that.

Poor Harry. She had been worried about him spraining something with how rigid and ramrod straight his posture had been. But he wasn’t that uptight Ensign now. Voyager had done him good, had made a man out of him, and a fine, seasoned officer. He had gone right to Lieutenant when they returned to Earth and Lieutenant Commander less than three years later. Now he was a Commander and Voyager II had been his first Command. He had gained a stigmatism of tragedy striking on his “first” everything. Voyager had een his first post and now Voyager II.

The door chimed and Kathryn was drawn from her musings. She hadn’t realized how much time had passed.

“Come in.”

Tom and B’Elanna entered.

“You are a sight for sore eyes, Capt.” Tom greeted her.

“I was beginning to think Starfleet had you recalibrating warp cores with a screwdriver!” B’Elanna teased.

“I guess after twenty years of marriage you soak up your husbands humor. How are you two?”

“As well as can be expected. Worried sick about Miral and the others. “I was so damn proud of her when she went into Starfleet. But when she got approval to join the crew of Voyager II I couldn’t help but worry about what had happened to us and Voyager. Some two week mission. She was only supposed to be gone for four months and it has been nearly six!”

“I just want to rip the Borg apart. With my bare hands if I have to. This time they have hit too close to home. I want every last one of those things dead.” B’Elanna snarled.

Kathryn sighed. “Let’s keep the tempers in check and relax a little. We cannot give ourselves away. Let’s go get some dinner, have a couple of drinks, and check out the promenade.” She suggested.

“Lead the way, I’m famished.” Tom requested with a little more enthusiasm in his tone.

The Queen sat in her private alcove. She was disappointed in the crew of Voyager II. New drones were always needed but she had hunted them down with the assumption that they had information regarding the latest advancements the Federation had made. She was hungry for knowledge about Admiral Janeway and the developments she had made.

The Queen was highly aware of Janeway’s contempt for the Borg. She loathed them. The Queen was very intimately acquainted with the Admiral and was looking forward to rekindling that acquaintance. She had to stop Janeway. Other Admirals and ship’s Captains had provided a challenge but Janeway… she was swift, cunning, and crafty. She had outwitted them before and her assimilation into the collective would be very satisfying but it would also infuse them with the knowledge they desired. It would give the Borg a new leap on humanity and the capabilities to destroy it. She wanted that. She wanted the destruction of the species of sector 001, the species that had proved resilient to assimilation… the only species in the universe who had designed and perfected a medical procedure to undo assimilation.

The word Legacy kept entering her mind. Legacy, the name of a ship designed to effectively deal with the Borg threat. Janeway’s project. What kind of progress had the young Admiral made on the technology given to her by the old Admiral who had come from the future to help Voyager complete its mission back to the Alpha Quadrant. Twenty years ago, they had worked together to cripple the Borg… and the Queen, intimately tied to both Admirals, young and old, wanted some payback. Twenty years wasn’t long, but it was an eternity in hatred.

It irked her and put her in a foul disposition when she could not obtain necessary information through assimilation. Janeway had new technology but she, herself, had a surprise for the young Janeway. She had been hiding, rebuilding the collective, regaining the strength that Janeway had taken, growing more adaptive… She was ready. She wanted her rematch with Janeway. They were strong and powerful again, nad rebuilt, and she had a new face. She would assimilate Janeway and move forward to assimilate Earth followed by the entire Alpha Quadrant. She would not fail. Victory was the only option she would accept.

“Permission to beam aboard Wendy Brown and Peter Smith.” Tommy hailed DS9. Neelix had gone to the back to take a nap and Tommy had been glad. He didn’t want to try to come up with a story of why they were using aliases. When they neared transporter range, he had sent Victoria to wake Neelix.

“Permission granted. Energize when ready.” Jake Sisko’s voice replied.

“Thank you, DS9. Stand by.”

“Are we here already?” Neelix asked as he appeared from the back.

“Yes, and I have already greeted and authorized our transport.”

“Great job, Tommy. Now you kids be careful and have a little fun too. Don’t waste the entire trip on school work. Live a little bit. But I do expect to hear about a proud A on the project Ms. Janeway.”

Victoria smiled. “You sure will, Neelix! Thank you so much for everything!” she gushed as they stepped onto the transporter pad.

“I will see you two next month. Energizing.”

The kids appeared in the transporter room on DS9 and were greeted by Odo, chief of security.

“Welcome to DS9, children.”

“Hello.” Wendy greeted him.

“I will escort you to your quarters. Is this your first visit to DS9?” he asked, making small talk.

“Yes.” They both replied simply.

“I can’t imagine a better place in the quadrant to study a wormhole.”

Wendy tried to be pleasant. She wished he would not make small talk with them. She was worried about slipping something she shouldn’t. “I figured the same thing.”

Odo led them around the promenade deck and they found it difficult not to stop and browse in all of the exotic shops with the equally exotic merchandise.

Suddenly, Wendy and Peter froze with horrified expressions on their face. They found themselves standing right outside of Quark’s bar and what they saw nearly terrified them.

“You know, Janeway, I lose more profits on you then I would normally care to admit. If my mother knew, she would disown me and have me classified as another species.” Quark complained as he leaned over her shoulder.

“When will you learn that it’s acceptable to actually bet on a woman, Quark? Your problem is you bet against me.” Janeway taunted as she sunk the eight ball in the corner pocket of the table.

“I’ll start betting on women when you start walking around the station naked like a Frengi woman, Janeway.” He threw up his hands. “I can’t even win by cheating!”

“You’ve been cheating, Quark? That is very disrespectful, especially to cheat an Admiral.” Tom Paris shook his head.

“How could you be cheating, you’re not even playing, you’re just taking bets.” B’Elanna pointed out. “Unless you rigged the table.”

Quark flashed his sharp-toothed grin at Janeway. “Do you really think I have been serving you pure synthahol? Ha! After your first two drinks I began serving you the good stuff! I expected your game to get rotten after you got drunk but you have been getting better! I’ve wasted more alcohol on you then I can usually afford!”

Janeway laughed. She liked Quark. He was one of the few Ferengi she actually liked, but they had struck up a friendship while she had been preparing for Voyager’s first mission. She always had to prove to him just how much he could lose when she was around. And she knew he liked her too otherwise he wouldn’t have been so graceful about his loss in profit.

“Okay, Quark. You want to cheat? I’ll give you a fighting chance. We’re going to make this interesting. We’re going to play another round. I’ll play Paris because he is the only one who is capable of beating me. If I win, my drinks and my crew’s drinks are free for the remainder of our stay, including this evening’s tab. If I lose, not only will I pick up the tab for the entire bar, but I will take a complete tour of the promenade deck in the buff, as nude as your Ferengi mother.”

Quark’s eyes got as large as the dabo wheel. He’d always had a thing for the Admiral and the chance to see her as nude as a woman should be.

“Done.” He said and shook her hand, a binding arrangement on his homeworld.

“Kathryn, are you sure…”

“Relax, Paris. You’re going to lose.” Janeway replied under her breath as Quark hurried to the bar to fetch another round and to begin taking bets from interested parties.

“Are you certain of that?” he challenged playfully.

Janeway smiled. “As certain as I am that you would never allow your best friends wife to come to public humiliation.”

Suddenly, Tom went cold all over. Chakotay. He felt a chill as he remembered a very heartfelt conversation he and his best friend had before he’d taken command of Voyager II.

*The day was bright and sunny. A cloudless Indiana summer day. It was so beautiful that two families of friends had gotten together for a barbeque.

Tom reclined in the patio chair on next to Chakotay on his and Kathryn’s back deck. He had eaten too many ribs and far too much potato salad. He had been looking forward to spending the afternoon letting his food easily digest, kicking back a couple of cold ones with his best pal.

Chakotay and Kathryn had built a beautiful life together. They had chosen a home that suited both of their personalities. Kathryn had roots in Indiana and Chakotay liked the rustic things in life. What better than an huge old Victorian built in the 1800’s. It had been maintained and preserved beautifully over the years and had been updated with minimal 24th century technology.

Something had been on Chakotay’s mind all day. Tom could almost sense it, but he had decided not to pry. They were men. When they felt like sharing the contents of their mind, they did. If it were a private matter, he didn’t want to find them both in an embarrassing conversation.

“I accepted command of Voyager II.” Chakotay said before taking a long draw from the mug of ale he had been holding.

Tom followed Chakotay’s gaze to the line of trees at the back edge of their property. The lawn bled into an extensive mid-western forest. He could see the figures of Kathryn, B’Elanna, Victoria, Miral, and Tommy returning from their excursion in the woods to the pond to see the new ducklings that Kathryn had mentioned at dinner.

“Congratulations, old man. Don’t you think it’s about time you and Kathryn joined the rest of us voyagers and retired?” he chided. He always teased Chakotay about retiring.

Chakotay hadn’t heard the teasing today. Normally he returned with not wanting to turn into a couch potato with a soggy mid-section like Tom, but not today. Today, his mind was elsewhere as he stared at their families.

Tom followed Chakotay’s gaze to Kathryn. She still captured all of his attention and it was obvious that he was just as in love with her now as he had been the first moment he laid eyes on her on his viewscreen in the Delta Quadrant.

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she?”

Tom admired Kathryn for a moment. She was a very beautiful woman. The years had been exceptionally nice to her. She had grown her auburn hair long again and today she wore it loose, tumbling down her back the way Chakotay preferred it. She maintained a thin, athletic figure. She was womanly in her curves, powerful in her strength, but kept her femininity very nicely. She was absolutely breathtaking when her icy blue eyes dazzled with laughter and her smile, with her perfectly straight, white teeth, spread across her face. She looked so very soft and feminine in her civvies rather than in the gray, black, and red of Starfleet admiralty.

“Yes, she is.” Tom replied.

“Vic looks so much like her. She’s becoming quite the breathtaking young lady, too. It’s a good thing she’s more interested in the Academy than boys.” Chakotay stated as he gazed proudly at his daughter.

Tom turned his attention to Victoria, the young lady whom he thought of as his niece. She had begun maturing into womanhood and shared her mother’s lithe, athletic figure and breathtaking smile. Her features were darker than Kathryn’s and made her look somewhat exotic. Her long hair was more of a polished lacquer in color with strands of auburn that the sun seemed to set on fire, her eyes were a deep, midnight blue, and her supple skin was olive and so very clear. She had gotten her skin from her father, rather than Kathryn who was pale and lightly freckled.

“You’re lucky the boys aren’t beating the door down.” Tom replied, casting his gaze to Chakotay, who had grown wistful.

“Tom, you’ve been my bet friend for a long time. I’m really shaken about this command. Kathryn says it’s just pre-command jitters, but it’s more than that. Something’s really been under my skin about Voyager II so, would you do something for me?”

“Anything, big man.”

“Would you take care of Kathryn and Vic for me should something happen. B’Elanna is Kathryn’s closest friend and you two have always been able to make her laugh and smile. Even after all of those days in the Delta Quadrant when we were almost blown to bits, we’d kick back in the resort program or at Sanderine’s and you’d always make her smile and laugh. She’s going to need someone to force her back to life if something happens to me. And Vic, I promised her we’d go camping on Dorvan IV and that I would take her to see the ruins of the temples on Bajor. I promised her I would teach her to pilot a PCV and that she could have one when she turned 18. And I told her we’d open the bottle of wine I bought the day she was born and we’d share it on her 21st birthday. The vintage is 2371, the same year when the dream that became her started when I first met Kathryn Janeway.” By this time there were tears streaming down his face.

“Come on, Chakotay, nothing’s going to happen. We wrote the book on the Delta Wuadrant and we licked it. Now we’re going back to establish the Federation there. What you’re doing is historic and you’re going to make Victoria and your grandchildren proud. Everything’s going to go just fine. You’ll see.” Tom insisted.

“Promise me, Tom. I’m scared to death of this mission. Promise me that you watch over them for me if something should happen.” He demanded as he wiped the weakness and emotion from his face.

“I promise, Chakotay…”*

“Tom? Tom? Janeway to Paris? Hello?”

Tom found himself gazing into Kathryn’s stunning blue eyes. “Sorry, Kathryn. Just remembering something.”

“Jeeze Tom, we thought we were going to have to call a doctor to snap you out of it.” B’Elanna said.

“It’s nothing. Let’s play some pool. I’m ready to lose.” He smirked.

Wendy grabbed Peter by the arm and urged him forward.

“Hurry, before they see us!” she hissed, not wanting Odo to hear. They couldn’t get caught this early in the game.

Peter paused for a moment more, completely enchanted. He had never seen Admiral Janeway so relaxed and playful. It was a very distracting image. He’d been able to overhear the bet she had made with the Ferengi barkeep and almost wanted to stay to see if she lost. What a sight to see. The great Admiral, strolling along the promenade deck; smiling and waving, and completely nude. But, he already knew she wouldn’t lose. Kathryn Janeway was too smart to make a bet that she would lose.

“Come on!” Wendy urged.

“Come along, children. Nothing ever happens in Quarks that should interest you. Not a place I would recommend you hanging around.” Odo insisted as he led the way forward, glancing back for a moment. “Or is it Admiral Janeway who has gotten your attention? Would you like to meet her? She’s on vacation but I am sure she would have a moment…”

Peter gulped in dread. “No, quite all right, Odo. We really must be getting to that project.”

“And besides, we recently met her at a presentation at our school. She gave a lecture on the Barzan wormhole.” Wendy hurried on with the thoughtful lie.

“I see. Well, let’s continue to your quarters.” Odo replied.

“That was close.” Peter whispered.

“Too close” Wendy replied. “We really need to be more careful in the future.”

Once Odo made certain that they were settled in their quarters, Victoria secured the door and sighed in relief. “I wonder who else we’re gong to have to worry about running into.”

“Let’s check the guest list for the station. That will give us an idea.” Tommy replied as he touched the computer panel on the wall. “Wow. Talk about a family reunion! Besides our parents, Doctor Joe, Tuvok and his daughter T’Shel, Samantha Wildman, and Harry Kim’s daughter BreeAnne are all scheduled to arrive over the course of the next couple of days. I’ll bet your mom hand picked everyone, too.”

Victoria eyed over the guest list. “Everyone is directly related to the Voyager mission. She certainly wanted to keep this ‘in the family’ as she always says.”

“Wait a minute. She doesn’t have Starfleet approval does she?” Tommy accused.

“I figured you knew, since she was pulling people out of retirement. Nope, this one is right out of my dad’s Maquis handbook. She learned a lot from Dad’s old life and now she’s hijacking a starship to save him.”

Tommy was amazed that Victoria had left out such an important detail. Their parents were doing something highly illegal and bordered on treason. “So she’s just going to steal a starship. Just like that. I like it. Sounds like something my dad would have done in his wilder days. Starfleet renegades.

Victoria smiled. “So much for our careers in Starfleet.”

“I really don’t want to be part of an organization who refuses to use its resources to rescue its people.” Tommy commented dryly as he sat on the bed to remove his boots.

Victoria suddenly realized that there was only one bed. Something they hadn’t bothered to concern themselves with when booking the quarters. How would it feel to sleep side by side with Tommy? What if he wanted to… and she was still a… she didn’t care. What happened on DS9… well she wouldn’t concern herself with the consequences. But wait a minute. He wasn’t a… there had been that camping trip and those two girls. He had told he about it last summer because she insisted. Oh! Would that mean it wouldn’t be special because he wasn’t… pure… as she was?

“I can sleep on the floor…” he offered, noticing the perplexed look on her face when she realized what the sleeping arrangements were to be.

“What? No, that’s quite all right.” She replied as she sat down on the other side of the bed and undressed down to her cami and her panties.

Tommy stripped down to his briefs and when he saw her sitting there in just her underwear, he had to shift to conceal the bulge in his lap.

Victoria, with her long, shiny dark hair cascading down her back, silky olive skin, deep blue eyes… so dark in the dim light. They looked like curious but nervous black orbs looking back at him. He allowed his eyes to wander over her body. The cami exposed a creamy expanse of her cleavage and her pert nipples budded against the thin fabric. Her panties were the same pale pink color of the cami and they covered the curve of her bottom and the swell of her pubis. She was so perfect and gorgeous, he couldn’t force away the solid hardness that had manifested itself in his lap.

When she realized that he was looking at her, she hugged herself as though she were cold. She was afraid, not of him but of what was about to happen. The air around them sizzled like electricity with mounting passion. Then she felt his strong, gentle hand on her shoulder urging her to lay back on the bed, completely stretched out for him to admire.

“I want to see all of you, Vic.” He whispered.

She felt a shiver run down her spine. No one had ever looked at her like this. Then he leaned forward and kissed her passionately. She melted into his kiss. If a kiss reduced her to melting like a popsicle on a hot summer day, she wondered what everything else was going to do to her.

“Touch me, Tommy.” She cooed when their lips parted.

Tommy ran his hands over the warm, full swell of her breasts. Her nipples tickled his palms through the fabric and he leaned forward to suck them, each in turn, through the pale fabric of the cami. He was rewarded when a moan escaped her lips and she arched forward towards him. As he continued sucking and gently nipping at her nipples, he ran a hand down across the plain of her belly to the puffy mound between her inner thighs. He cupped her with his hand and began to rub her through her panties, pushing the fabric into her slit with his finger to massage the sensitive nub hidden within. She bucked wildly beneath the ministrations of his fingers and her eyes glazed over. He was certain she had never felt anything so amazing before. He pushed the cami up over her head, revealing her firm, perky breasts with their pebbled, tan nipples. The olive color of her flesh melted into dark, tanned, quarter-sized areolas with hard nipples at their center about the size of the tip of his pinky finger. Her breasts easily fit into his palms and he leaned in to suckle at them hungrily. He was rewarded with her husky cries of delight. Satisfied, he licked and kissed his way down her belly to the place where her panties were now very damp. He inhaled her scent and was eager to taste her. He used his thumb to rub her through the fabric of her panties and she cried out in delight.

“Please.” She moaned, not sure what she was asking for.

Tommy leaned forward and pressed his tongue into the crease in her panties and teased her. After a few moments he pulled away and slid them down over her hips and deposited them on the floor, leaving her completely nude and revealed. Seeing her like that made him so hard it almost hurt. This was so much better than those girls at camp. And, the only reason why he had done anything with them was so when he finally got to be with Victoria, he wouldn’t be a stumbling idiot and not sure what to do. He wanted to know his way around the female body so he didn’t do something wrong or hurt her. He wanted to drive her wild with desire and the girls at camp had been all to eager to break in a virgin.

Tommy leaned forward again and spread her open, revealing the little pink nub that was at the center of her desire. He flicked his tongue over it and he arched towards him, crying out a little. He kept licking at her, making her crazy with desire, feeling her getting wetter. When he tested her with a finger he worried that he wouldn’t fit inside of her. His Klingon heritage had left him rather well endowed.

“Can I see you?” she asked innocently as he pulled back.

Tommy nearly laughed when her eyes widened at the sight of his erection through his briefs. He pulled them down and let her see. It stood up against his belly like an eight and a half inch soldier with a three-inch waistband. The only thing that differed from his and that of human males was the set of cartilage ridges that ran up and down the top and bottom sides though his were not as pronounced as those of a full-blooded Klingon.

Victoria stared in awe as he was on display before her. She watched intently as he took it in his hand and stroked it a bit. Suddenly, she felt very timid and unsure. He took her hand and guided it to his erection and she was surprised when her fingers made contact with the soft flesh. It looked hard, yet the flesh was very supple. She stroked it has he had been and she received a little moan from him. She smiled then leaned forward to taste him as he had her. She slid the swollen head past her lips then down her throat a bit. Victoria was very pleased with herself when he groaned even louder.

Tommy looked down and watched her for a moment then he had to squeeze his eyes shut and try to control himself. She was going to be his undoing with her mouth. He had to stop her… had to.

“Vic, honey, please, you have to stop.” He finally managed.

Victoria pulled away, looking almost hurt. “Am I doing it wrong?”

“No, honey. You’re doing it good. Way too good. If you didn’t stop, you were going to make me cum and I didn’t want to in your mouth.”

Victoria was glad he had stopped her. She wasn’t sure if she would have liked that and she wouldn’t have wanted to insult him by spitting it out.

Gently, he pushed her back into the bed and parted her legs so he could lay between them. She felt his hardness pressing against her and she felt a little nervous. But she wanted this. She wanted it to be him who took her innocence from her.

Tommy reached between them to guide his erection into her. He pushed against her and then felt the head push past the resistance of her tight opening. He saw her wince and felt her muscles constrict at the intruder. If they didn’t loosen up he was going to lose it. He had to think of something else… ‘Delta Quadrant, Borg, Miral, Space, Pissed-off parents…’ He mentally pulled back his impending orgasm and physically felt it subside.

Victoria dug her nails into his shoulders as she felt him push into her slowly, inch by inch. Then, the flash of pain as he took her innocence. She scrunched up her face as she hoped it would pass soon. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. No. She wanted this. She had been told it would hurt a bit, but that it would pass.

“Are you okay, Vic?”

“Yea, it just hurts a little.”

The girls at camp had warned him that it would hurt her a bit the first time, but that if he were gentle and went slow, it would get better and be okay after a few minutes.

“Trust me, Vic.”

“I do. Just be slow.” She requested.

He slowly pulled back until he almost lost her then pumped back in. It was torture and agony for him because he was on the edge already. He had to resist. He wanted it to be good for her too.

His resistance paid off, because after a few slow strokes, she was squirming restlessly against him. He pumped in and out of her at a faster pace and she panted.

“It feels so good.” She sighed

“I can’t wait, Vic. I’m going to cum.” He said. He had wanted to last longer, but he couldn’t take it any more. He pumped in and out of her vigorously and came inside of her. “I love you, Vic.” He said when he rested on top of her.

“I love you, too. Thank you. I never wanted anyone besides you to be my first.” She whispered as she snuggled into his arms.

For the moment, nothing mattered. They were Tommy and Victoria and there was no DS9, no Legacy, Voyager II… or any of it. Just him and her and he had just made her a woman and now she was sleeping in his arms. Nothing else mattered.

“Eight ball in the corner pocket.” Janeway called. She took the shot and locked her eyes with those of Quarks.

Quark anxiously watched the ball roll across the table. He wanted to see her naked. Let her miss, he had begged, though that was unlikely. She hadn’t missed a shot all night. God, if she were to stoke his lobes he might just…

“No!” he cried in anguish as his fantasy was shattered by the ball that fell into the pocket.

“Sorry about your luck, Quark. How about those drinks?” B’Elanna chided as Janeway grinned triumphantly and shared a secret look with Paris.

“One of these days, Janeway…” Quark began.

“Better luck next time, Quark.” She teased as she stroked a finger along his lobe.

Quark felt a shot of hormones as her fingers made contact with his lobe. If she only knew… she’d probably have him deported to some remote planet in the Delta Quadrant. “Admiral, I think you are the only person alive whom I can tolerate losing profits to.”

“From you, Quark, I take that as very high praise, thank you. I really must find my way back to my quarters. Good night everyone, I am happy to have entertained you.” Then the Admiral made a graceful exit with Tom and B’Elanna at her heels.

“I wonder how the kids are doing.” B’Elanna commented.

“Being kids, staying out past curfew, partying, trashing the house, eating junk food, taxing the hell out of the replicator… you know, since we’re not around to bust them.”

Kathryn’s smile faded. Not around. She hadn’t been around nearly enough for Victoria and she said as much to the Paris’.

“Tommy had asked us to mention something, but we decided to wait until we could sit down with you and Chakotay together.” Tom confessed.

“Well, if Starfleet doesn’t court martial me first, I think when we get back I am going to cut down my duties and retire after she finishes the Academy. And I wanted to thank the two of you again. I couldn’t do this without you.”

“What are friends for, Kath?” B’Elanna put her arm around her. “But we would have gone anyway. That’s our family out there too. Not just Miral but all of them. We will get them back.”

“Accept nothing but success.” Kathryn replied firmly.
PT 2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<

The two days prior to Janeway’s team departing DS9 passed uneventfully for everyone but Quark. He lost more profits than he could count because he had an insatiable desire to best Janeway just once. Other than that, the eight missioners spent the two days reuniting, planning, and regaling one another with stories of accomplishments made, retirement, and family. Even the sentient holographic doctor, Doc Joe, had stories of family to tell. Being a hologram with the capabilities to grow and learn and use his sentience at will, he had been granted the same rights as any humanoid in the Federation, even the right to marry, which he had done.

Tuvok was his ever serious self yet he seemed less rigid with the passing of age and it was evident that he was very proud of his accomplished daughter, T’Shel. She was as calm and serene as her father, and darkly beautiful like her mother. She had excelled in the operations program and Janeway had picked her to learn and man the specialized systems of Legacy.

Sam Wildman was very quiet and even somewhat withdrawn. She was desperately worried about Naomi and she even felt a little guilty. Naomi, having been raised the first few years of her life on Voyager, had naturally decided to pursue a career in Starfleet. She had never really adapted to life on Earth and had spent her childhood and teen years longing for a life in space. She had been every overjoyed at being staffed on Voyager II under the command of her former Commander. And the opportunity to explore the Delta Quadrant as a functioning officer had thrilled her beyond belief and scared Samantha. Naomi was all she had after the tragic death of her husband and she feared losing her, too, but she had been comforted by the fact that Naomi would be in the company of former Voyager crew members and especially in the company of Annika Hanson. When she had been little, Naomi had taken to the Borg woman, then known as Seven of Nine. Annika had never had a childhood and the relationship had been healthy and beneficial to both of them. Annika had experienced a human childhood vicariously through Naomi, and in return, she taught Naomi complicated and complex things which she had absorbed like a sponge. Even after returning to Earth, Annika had found time to continue teaching Naomi which paid off in the form of being granted a two year advanced entrance into the Academy and becoming the youngest person ever to graduate the Academy. Sam had been very proud of her daughter, especially when Admiral Janeway had hugged her former self-dubbed Captain’s assistant at the ceremony and signed her recommendations personally.

BreeAnne Kim had been drawn to the quiet, sad Sam Wildman and they had found a confidant in each other during their stay on DS9. BreeAnne had always been oversensitive and somewhat empathic though both of her parents were human. As an only child, her parents had indulged her yet she was quietly grateful, not spoiled. She behaved appropriately and was very feminine, but she did have a temper and when stoked she could be vicious. Her father had nicknamed her Lotus. She was as the flower, beautiful but fatal. She had long dark ringlets, violet eyes, and the golden complexion that reflected her Asian heritage. She had decided to pursue a career in Starfleet security with a tactical background because it was so unlike her. She was quiet and serene except for when she was on the job. That’s when she summed up all of her energy and her anger to deal with the bad guys of the universe. Like the flower, indeed. She could charm them with her sweet beauty then strike when they least expected it.

While the crew was reuniting and getting reacquainted, the two stowaways were learning the adventures of life and making love. They were exploring and teaching each other things they never imagined.

“I would just stay in this bed for the rest of my life if I could.” Tommy laughed as he held the beautiful, nude, Victoria Janeway in his arms.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if we could. I wonder if anyone would miss us.”

Tommy smiled. “Unfortunate for us, all good things must come to an end. We really should get dressed. Time is ticking away. We only have three hours.”

Victoria groaned as her body protested. She forced herself to her feet and headed towards the shower. She had hoped for real water but the quarters they had booked were modest and only accommodated a sonic shower. It would have to do.

Tommy prepared the portable pattern buffer and went to work calibrating it. He couldn’t afford for them to be deposited mid-stream, in the waste processing system.

Once he was certain it was set properly, he joined her in the sonic shower and he felt the layers of dirt, sweat, and semen just lift away from him.

“We should recycle everything. No use in giving them a jump start on finding out who we really are.” She said as she stepped out of the shower and set to work.

Tommy smiled. Two and a half days together and they had left enough DNA in the room to create millions more people. And after spending two and a half days with her, sleeping with her in his arms for two nights, he didn’t know how he was going to go back to sleeping alone at his parent’s house.

“We can’t beam in any sooner than thirty minutes before they board.” He said as he dressed.

“It’s very dangerous, isn’t it?”

“It is, but I think I am more worried about our parents.”

“I had completely put that from my mind. They’re going to be so angry.” She said.

“That and when Wendy and Peter disappear without a trace and leave behind only a pattern buffer, I am sure Odo will launch a full security investigation. I wonder how long before they identify us.”

“Do you think they will be angry with us for using false names and pretenses?”

“I’m still more worried about our parents. What time is it?”

“We have a couple of minutes. Are we ready?”

“As we ever will be. Now this won’t be like a normal transport. It will take a few extra seconds to dematerialize.” He warned.

Victoria took a deep breath and prayed that he knew what he was doing.

“Energizing.” He stated as he pressed the buttons on the buffer.

Victoria saw her vision fade in and out for a moment then she dematerialized in a shimmer of light. She experienced a few brief moments of nothingness then her vision returned slowly and she found herself on board the Atlantis with Tommy.

“We did it!” she cried out. “Were we detected?”

Tommy checked the sensors on the station from Atlantis’ control panel. “It doesn’t look like it. No alarms, no security alert, no change in the station’s sensors. I’d say we pulled it off.” He swung over to the transporter controls. “I have to reconfigure everything. We need to fool the computer to believe for a short period of time that there is nothing in the buffers until the timer goes off and alerts our parents of our patters being in the buffer after they cross the worm hole threshold.”

“You can do all of that?”

“Easily. I told you I learned a lot from Miral and the texts she brought home.” His fingers flew over the console with almost a practiced ease as he reconfigured the sensors, computer, and the pattern buffer to hold them in suspended animation.

“Just in case I never get the chance to tell you, I love you.” Victoria said.

“I love you, too, Vic. Energizing.” He watched her as his vision faded and she sparkled out of existence.

Kathryn looked over the systems check on her screen. Everything checked out perfect. Atlantis had been refueled, had an inventory, a maintenance check, and was pronounced prepared.

“Mr. Paris, clear our departure with DS9.”

“All set, Admiral.” He announced from the conn.

“Wonderful. Let’s be on our way.” She had decided to maintain the command structure despite the fact that their mission wasn’t exactly Starfleet and not all of them were currently officers. “Proceed to the wormhole on impulse.”

“Admiral, you are clear to enter the wormhole. Have a safe vacation.” Kira’s voice announced over the speakers.

“Thank you, Kira. Atlantis out. Mr. Paris, take us in. Once we pass through to the other side, set a course for Legacy, maximum warp.”

“Aye, aye, Admiral.” He mocked a salute as he took them through.

The journey only took a few moments and was just as uneventful as normal since the end of the dominion war and the removal of the mines.

As they exited the other side into the Gamma Quadrant, a klaxon blared and the viewscreen displayed a warning concerning the pattern buffers.

“What in the hell? T’Shel, report.”

“It appears that there are two signals in the pattern buffers.”

“Why didn’t we notice this before?”

“It appears that the computer and the buffers were reconfigured to read empty until our passage through the wormhole.”

“Tuvok, take BreeAnne with you to greet our unexpected guests.” She ordered, warily. Had someone stumbled upon their plans? Stowaways?

Tuvok and BreeAnne disappeared to the aft section of the runabout and a few moments later they summoned the bridge.

“Admiral, I believe you and the Paris’ should join us.” His calm, collected voice said.

“On our way.” Janeway said suspiciously. “Wildman, the conn is yours.”

Janeway led the way and when they stepped into the transporter room, she went as white as a sheet and stopped dead in her tracks, causing Tom and B’Elanna to nearly collide with her. They peered over her shoulder and were shocked to see their son flanked by Victoria Janeway.

“What in the hell?” B’Elanna gasped.

“Tuvok, return to the bridge with BreeAnne. I know some children who have a lot of explaining to do.”

“Aye, Captain.” Tuvok replied before he and BreeAnne disappeared.

“Now, would either of you mind telling me just what in the hell you are going here?” Janeway demanded.

“And while you’re at it, how you got here!” Tom added in.

“We weren’t going to be left behind while the remainder of our family was assimilated.” Victoria snapped defensively.

“What were we supposed to do? Sit on Earth and wonder if you were ever going to come back?” Tommy added.

Janeway was spitting mad. “Do either of you realize how reckless and dangerous your actions were?”

Victoria felt her anger grow towards her mother. “You treat us like we are ignorant and young children rather than young adults. Yes, we realize and were completely aware of the risks and we ignored them. We are also aware that we risk assimilation. If that does happen, it would be far better to be assimilated than to be left family-less.”

“What I want to know is how in the universe you managed this!” B’Elanna said, shocked.

“It wasn’t exactly that hard. Once I knew of mom’s plans to steal Legacy, I informed Tommy and we agreed that we wouldn’t be left behind. We used Neelix to take us to DS9. We convinced him that I had a school project on wormholes and Tommy was assisting me.”

Tommy took over. “Once we were there, I did the rest. I learned about transporters and suspended animation from Miral’s texts from the Academy. We booked quarters on DS9 under false names and stayed in our quarters for the entire time. When the day came, I used a portable pattern buffer that I had acquired and routed the signal through the disposal system so as not to alert security and we transported to Atlantis. After we were on board, I set the computer to hold us in the buffers but to give a false reading so when you looked over the systems check, everything was in order. I also set the computer to alert you to our presence in the buffers once the sensors detected our exit from the wormhole.”

The three parents were nearly stunned into silence by the accomplishment of their children. They had beat security on a major Starfleet station and outsmarted all of them.

“Have we proven ourselves worthy of accompanying your renegade crew. After all, you are doing something highly illegal too. We just disobeyed rules. You’re actually breaking the law in a huge way.” Victoria placed her hands on her hips, acquiring a stance very much like her mother when stubbornness set in.

Janeway managed to speak first. “Your resourcefulness and quick thinking is very impressive, and we really don’t have much of a choice but to take you with us now. We could transport you to the first available starship but you’d probably mutiny and come after us.” She joked.

“Bridge to Janeway, we are nearing the intercept coordinates.” Tuvok informed her.

“Thank you. We’re on our way.” she turned to the children. “You may as well accompany us too.

“We are less than two thousand kilometers from the dark matter nebula and Legacy. There is a security perimeter and a patrol ship. They have not picked us up on sensors due to interference from the nebula. If we proceed, our warp signature will trigger the security field.” T’Shel reported as she tapped on her console. She cocked an eyebrow towards the two new faces.

“Before we proceed, I am sure you recognize my daughter, Victoria, and Tom and B’Elanna’s son, Tommy. They were our unexpected passengers. Now, back to business. Suggestions?”

“We have encountered this before, Admiral. I suggest we power down the core and drift through, under cloak. Once we are through, we should be able to use thrusters in drift mode to put us right under Legacy’s bow. We shouldn’t alert that ship or the field. The dark matter nebula should provide more than enough interference so they don’t detect the cloak.” B’Elanna suggested.

“Do it. Tuvok, arm the phasers. I don’t want them to take us by surprise. I don’t want to fire on a friendly ship unless they force me to.” Janeway commented.

Agonizing moments passed as Atlantis drifted and Tom maneuvered the thrusters very carefully. Finally, they drifted across the barrier.

“Tuvok, were we detected?” She looked over towards him and saw Victoria hovering near his elbow, looking at the display. Tommy had migrated to the Ops station to observe.

“They are coming about. They have not powered weapons and are continuing random sensor sweeps. They have not changed their course to intercept. I do not believe we were detected, Admiral.” He stated.

A nearly audible sigh of relief was shared by the crew. They couldn’t afford to be detected until they beamed to Legacy.

“At this speed, how long until we reach Legacy?”

“Less than ten minutes, Admiral.” Tom reported their e.t.a.

Finally, T’Shel announced: “We have entered transporter range.”

“All stop. T’Shel, you are BreeAnne are going to transport to Legacy. Beam the rest of us directly to the bridge. We can’t afford to waste time.” She watched them disappear to the back of the runabout. “We must work quickly and in concert with one another. We can not afford mistakes, nor can we afford to take any fire from that ship. We can not go into the Delta Quadrant damaged.” Janeway looked around, at all of the familiar faces, all of those who made their mission possible. “I just want to say thank you. I couldn’t have done this without you.” She let her words settle for a moment then went back into command mode. “Tommy, see to the Ops station. You have proven yourself efficient with a transporter. Victoria, please see to the mobile emitter. The Doctor has been recharging since we left DS9.”

“Kim to Janeway.”

“Go ahead.”

“Prepared to beam you aboard.”

“We’re ready when you are. Tuvok, drop shields and cloak.”

Moments later, the entire crew materialized on the bridge. Janeway took a selfish moment to admire her years of work and dedication in its physical manifestation. The bridge was sleek, efficient, and so new. She wished she had time walk the decks, touch the consoles, get to know her ship. This was what she had sacrificed her family for. This was what she had toiled away at creating. And here it was, beautiful and everything brand new. She hadn’t even been run in yet. Smaller in design, it reminded her of Voyager’s bridge in design an layout. She was at the center, though her original design for one commander had been replaced by chairs for two. She was elevated above the other stations so she could see everything. Tom was directly in front of her, to her right was engineering, to her right aft was the security/tactical station. Right behind her, still on the elevated command platform was the specialized station which housed the controls for all of the neat little systems that she had modified from the former Admiral Janeway’s ship and other things she, herself, had invented. To her left aft was the Ops station and to her immediate left was the Science station. Part of the efficient beauty of Legacy was that she could be completely manned from the Bridge. The systems were very compact for a neat, quick design. The ship had been built like a shuttle, capable of easy maneuvering. She could do things and go places most ordinary starships couldn’t.

Everyone quickly assumed their places. She directed Tommy to the Ops station in hopes that he was capable of handling it.

“B’Elanna, initiate cold start of the warp and slip stream drives.”

“Kahless! What I wouldn’t give to see the engines of this baby!” she commented as she manipulated her console.

“T’Shel, initiate the metaphasic modulating shields.”

“The patrol ship is coming about. They are charging weapons.” Tommy reported from the Ops station.

“Tuvok, arm the phasers. Let’s hope they don’t make us fire on them.”

“We’re being hailed,” came Tommy’s voice again.


“Auntie… Admiral Janeway.” The young Captain stuttered. “Explanation, please” she managed to spit out beyond her shock.

“Hello Michaelia. I hadn’t realized that you had been assigned to the Gamma Quadrant. What a pleasant reunion.” Janeway greeted her shocked niece, Captain of the Pacifica.

“May I ask what you’re doing, Admiral?” Michaelia’s face grew firm and her eyes narrowed, very similar to her aunt when she was facing a challenge.

“We’re just taking Legacy our for a little test run.”

“Admiral, I was not informed of this unscheduled test of Legacy.” She stated.

“Consider yourself warned, Captain, now stand down. I our rank and out gun you.” Janeway stated in a cocky manner.

Michaelia Janeway stood her ground. “I am afraid I can’t do that, Admiral. I’m not letting you go anywhere with that ship without authorization from Starfleet. Lower your shields so we can transport you into custody until we figure this out.”

“I’m afraid that’s not an option, Michaelia. Legacy out.” She swung around. “B’Elanna?”

“Warp and slip stream drives are powered and ready to go.”

“If she hadn’t been so busy talking, she might have been able to have taken us into custody by now. She’s still got a lot to learn.” Janeway muttered to herself. To Tom Paris, she said: “Engage at maximum warp. Prepare to set a slip stream course to these coordinates.” She tapped the console beside her and set them to the conn. “Engage.”

“The Pacifica is tailing us.” BreeAnne reported from beside Tuvok at the tactical/security station.

“They’re firing phasers.” Tuvok announced.

“So, she wants to play hard ball. Tom, evasive maneuvers. We can easily evade and out fly them.” She commented proudly. “T’Shel, initiate refractive shields.”

The refractive shields were a new little invention of hers. They bounced back phaser fire quite effectively and Janeway was sure that Michaelia wouldn’t fire torpedoes on one of their own.

“Another ship is in pursuit. It is the Enterprise. We’re being hailed” BreeAnne called out.

“Damn it. Jean-Luc damn you all to hell.” He had obviously figured out what she had planned to do. “Put them onscreen.”

“Admiral Janeway.”

“Captain Crusher. What a pleasant surprise.”

“Stand down, Admiral.”

“I’m sorry Wesley. I can’t do that.” So much for out gunning.

“Kathryn, please reconsider what you’re doing.” A familiar voice pleaded.

“I figured you of all people would understand, Jean-Luc.” She commented, dryly, as the elder Admiral came into view.” Mr. Paris, engage the slip stream drive. Close the damn channel.”

“We’re in the slip stream.” He reported back.

“How long before we enter Borg space?”

“ Approximately one hour.” Tom said.

“Admiral, if I may, why these coordinates?” Wildman questioned.

Janeway smiled. “Call it a hunch, but I have a feeling that is where we will find out people. Tuvok, the bridge is yours. I have to see to the Doctor.” Then she disappeared into the turbolift.

Victoria was awestruck as she looked around the bridge. So this was what it was like to be at the center of it all, she marveled as she sat down in the command chair beside her mothers. She felt the rush of adrenaline and she suddenly knew why her mother had opted to follow the command track. What a rush! She wanted to be like her mother, in command and control of everything. Everyone worked in concert and reported quickly and efficiently to her mom. One word and people snapped to attention. Now she understood her parent’s passion for Starfleet and for the command field. She wanted to continue the proud family tradition. She wanted to captain a mighty starship and a dedicated crew.

Janeway entered sickbay and found the Doctor settling in.


“Yes, Admiral?”

“Is it ready?” She’d asked him to make specific preparations for this mission. She knew with the new technology they had at their disposal, they were unstoppable, even for the Borg, unless they had made some major advances over the past twenty years.

“The new nanoprobe technology we invented is flawless. When injected into the blood stream, they remain dormant until they detect the foreign nanoprobes, in this case Borg. Once detected, they emit a signal that reprograms the Borg nanoprobes and forces them to hibernate and eventually shut down completely before they even begin the assimilation process. I can inject the entire crew with them to protect them from assimilation. Also, I will implant a little device in each of your wrists which will allow you to inject the Borg and their ship with our microscopic weapon. Anything you infect will hibernate and destabilize. The Borg will begin spontaneously rejecting their implants and will receive a signal to go into hibernation. The ships will receive the same signal.” He turned and picked up a device that looked almost like a miniature cube. “This, when connected with the computer core, will cause a complete shut down of the computer before they have a chance to adapt. It will also send a to every cube or sphere in the galaxy to hibernate. Initiate it when you deliver your other package.”

“So they won’t be able to adapt at all?”

“If they had time. This works based on the Pathfinder technology and can send almost instantaneous messages across many light years. The central hub uses the transwarp conduits to send messages instantly to remote cubes. We will be able use that to our advantage. Our little device is designed to use all means of communications with the hive.”

“You are the only one with the formula for this technology, correct?”

“Admiral, none of this is even programmed into the Federation databases. They didn’t want to take any chances. Seven… Annika is the only other person who was completely aware of the developments of this technology and specifications for it, but her memory was wiped clean. She should have no recollection of the Legacy project.”

“How long will it take to implant the devices under our skin?” she questioned.

“Only a few moments. To operate it, you must apply gentle pressure to your wrist and a needle will erupt from a tiny flap of skin and inject. It is so sensitive you can almost do it casually. The needle is designed to pierce all known substances.”

“Doctor, I need you to replicate one more. I also need you to add a couple more device to one particular person.” She said, then leaned forward to tell him her plan. “Janeway to all hands, over the course of the next hour, please visit sickbay to be prepped for our mission. B’Elanna, please inoculate the bioneural gel packs. Janeway out.”

“I never though I would see the day when Starfleet invented weapons with the sole purpose of genocide.” The Doc commented.

“It had to be done.” Janeway winced at the discomfort as he implanted the device in her wrist.

“But complete annihilation? What about liberation? It’s reminiscent of Hitler in World War II.”

“There is no other choice. We don’t have the capacity or ability to liberate and the Borg are a great threat to our culture and civilization.”

“We’re talking about the cost of lives.”

“Think of those we will save from the horrors of assimilation. Do you think the Borg give a damn about the quality of life? Assimilated victims aren’t given a choice, Doctor.”

“So we take lessons from the beast. We assimilate or be assimilated. Are we giving the Borg a choice? Are we not threatening their culture, their civilization? Do onto others, therefore because they threaten our way of life we take theirs? What gives us the right?”

“They pulled the trigger first. They fired the first shot. We have been at war with them ever since the Enterprise encountered them, thanks to Q.”

“So because they fired first, we strike back with annihilation? Who ordered the creation of such weapons? Who authorized Starfleet to take on the responsibility of destroying the Borg completely?”

“I did.” Janeway confessed.

The Doctor, if a hologram could, looked shocked. “You? What about the preservation of life, what about the Prime Directive?”

“It’s suspended when the Borg are concerned.”

“They are children, parents, brothers, sisters…”

“And they are Borg, programmed and designed to take over the galaxy, and the universe if permitted. They will keep expanding, feeding, and adapting. If we don’t act now, they will continue assimilating, building their hive, stampeding across the galaxy until they engulf it. One mind, one thought, the good of the collective above all. Individuality, that which we prize so dearly, will be obsolete and inexistent. They must be stopped now. We have the power, we have the capability.”

“But do we have the right?”

“That’s no longer debatable. We have the power.”

He shook his head. “Homicide, holocaust. How could you, Kathryn Janeway, of all people, create weapons to do such a thing?”

She swallowed hard. She hadn’t wanted to divulge that information. It struck her to the core when she thought about it. “I did it for Annika and Jean-Luc and Chakotay and all of those who have had their lives ripped away from them without a choice. No child should ever experience the horrors that Annika did. No man should ever be raped of his humanity and dignity as Jean-Luc was.”

“And Chakotay?”

Janeway took a deep breath. This is the part that hurt the most. “Do you remember Riley… Dr. Fraiser? Do you remember how adverse to an allegiance with the Borg he was?

The Doctor nodded as he set to rengenerating the flesh where he had placed her implant.

“I was so angry at him for his relations with her. I was seething, yet I was forced to hide it. The crew could not afford for their Captain and Commander to be at odds when they were facing Borg space. He knew them intimately. He had been inside the hive mind, shared their memories, seen how they stole unborn babies from the wombs of their mothers to be locked in maturation chambers and infected with Borg technology before they even too their first breath or had any inkling of what individuality mean. He saw the faces of the terrified children when the invaders came to their homes, saw their tears when they watched their loved ones assimilated, felt their pain when they were assimilated. He feared for Voyager and that is why he disobeyed my orders to ally with the Borg against Species 8472. He, as acting Captain, was right and I couldn’t see past my anger towards him until he came to me one night. I had thought he was retaliating against me in some manner for my behavior towards him concerning his relations with Riley. It didn’t become clear to me until he came to me one night in a drunken rage and… forced himself upon me. At first I hated him and wanted him to die. That he would enact his revenge on me in such a disgusting way sickened me. But as he cried, holding me so tightly I thought he would crush my ribs, I began to realize that he was internally at odds with himself and had been struggling with his emotions, fear, and my rejection for sometime. Long enough to drive him nearly insane. He confessed to me the dark, dirty secrets of the Borg and all he had seen. I cried with him.”

“Admiral, I didn’t know. There was never a report of such an incident and you never sought medical attention.”

“I wasn’t going to do that to Chakotay.”

The Doctor processed everything she had told him. “I think I understand now.”

“Thank you, Doctor. I am retiring to my quarters to rest until we arrive. See to the crew.”

“Yes, Admiral.”

“Janeway to bridge.”

“Tuvok here.”

“I will be in my quarters. Call me before we enter Borg space.”

“Yes, Admiral.”

“Janeway out.”

Moments later, Janeway entered her quarters and laid down on her bed and cried. She hadn’t intended on telling the doctor everything but it had spilled out when he had challenged her right to develop such effective and fatal weapons.

If they had only know… if they only knew what had happened that night… what Chakotay told her. She remembered it so vividly…

*Janeway’s eyes snapped open. Darkness surrounded her but she could smell the liquor. Someone was in her quarters with her. Heavy liquor, not synthehol. The someone had been drinking very, very heavily. They could be facing a good thrashing for stumbling into the wrong quarters… wait a minute. Her door had been secured and no one knew her entry code. Someone, a drunk someone, had gone to great lengths to break into her quarters.

“Comp…” was all she managed. At the sound of her voice, the someone was on her. A heavy, large frame pushed her into the mattress. “Secur…” she attempted but a large hand was clamped over her mouth. She struggled. She felt the satin of her nightgown being hiked up over her hips.


The someone who held her down was crying as they worked her nightgown up to her hips, leaving her half nude.

She screamed against the hand as she felt the hardness of a male organ pressing into her. Oh God, who would do such a thing to her? She screamed as she felt it pushing against her. She was dry. It was going to hurt something dreadful if he penetrated her. She’d kill them. Who in the universe hated her enough to do this awful thing?

She struggled with her inadequate strength against the heavy someone. If she could get her knee to his groin maybe she could… Then the hot, searing pain of dry, rough penetration. She couldn’t mask the cry of agony or the hot tears that escaped her eyes. She freed her hand and raised it to the face of her assailant to gouge his eyes out and suddenly stopped in utter shock. Her fingers found the familiar lines indented on his forehead.


He couldn’t, he wouldn’t!

He had been startled by her limpness as she froze and she worked her mouth away from his hand.

“Securi…” the hand clamped down again.

“Please…” he wailed as he held her tightly, not moving, embedded within her. “Kathryn… I need… Oh God, Kathryn!” he moaned helplessly.

Chakotay! Her mind screamed. Raping her? Was he mad? How drunk did he have to be to finally tip over the edge and take from her what she could not freely give to him?

“You didn’t see it…” he wailed. “Forgive me… I saw… Get out! Get out of my head!”

Something was wrong with him. She could tell. What had happened to him to drive him to this point? To the point of hurting her, violating her.

“I need. Kathryn please.”

What did he need? Her body? She couldn’t ask him because he had her mouth covered. She felt the tears stream down her face again. Tears of pain and of anguished helplessness.

Chakotay didn’t pump in and out of her. He held her tightly, buried deeply within her. He just held her tightly and cried. “I love you, Kathryn. Help me. God help me. I don’t want to remember. I didn’t know who else…” he laid his head on her shoulder and she felt his tears pooling in the crook of her neck.

Kathryn was frantic. She had to get him to release her mouth. Something was terribly wrong. She had to do something. She turned her head and freed her mouth. Security was not an option. Her friend was in agony and she didn’t want to make it worse, despite how pissed she was.

“Chakotay.” She said softly, trying to control her voice. “Please… what has happened to you? Please…” she couldn’t keep the pain from her voice.

“Didn’t intend to hurt you. Needed… God, Kathryn… They… all of them. Their thoughts… I saw the horrible things.” He cried as he grasped her tightly. “I can’t force the thoughts from my mind.”

“Please, what did you see? What is it?” She felt her anger banish and she felt sorrowful. He was in agony. She had to do something.

“All of them.” He grabbed her hips. “In my mind.” He bruised her with his force. “In my head.” He raped her, not seeing her beneath him. “Hurt them. I want to hurt them. They deserve to die!” He pounded into her. “They are evil.”

Kathryn cried as he used her. She knew he was in torment and she was his sounding board. He had to get his anger out, had to release, and then she could talk to him rationally. This was not her Chakotay. He was a man of peace and honor and would never take from her what he view as a gift she would give when she was ready. Something was terribly wrong with him. This was a private matter and she refused to ease her pain and mind by having security throw him into the brig.

Once he had exhausted himself and spilled himself within her, he held her again, regaining his senses, and continuing to cry. He was soft now, but still within her.

“Chakotay?” she whimpered.

“Kathryn.” He cried.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered, apologizing for his hurt and pain, though she was still at a loss.

“No… No, please don’t be sorry. I… oh God, I hurt you. I wanted to hurt them. Kath, you don’t know. I was in their heads, the collective mind. I saw the terrible things they did. I have their memories. The children, Kathryn if you saw… the babies… what they do.”

Kathryn listened and cried as he detailed the atrocities of the Borg. She was horrified as, through his anguished tears, he explained how he had been plagued with memories of the children’s eyes as they were assimilated, watching the babies removed from the wombs of their mothers, never even knowing life before it was stolen from them. He explained how reality, his life, everything, was slipping away every moment he remembered. He told her he felt he was falling away from reality and living in his rage and hatred for them… he felt the incessant urge to grip onto someone real to keep him from losing himself in the madness of his memories. He had gotten drunk, trying to forget, but had felt reality slipping away even quicker, so that’s why he had sought her out and taken the gift from her. He knew she was real, knew she was the only thing that could reconnect him to reality, knew he had to be as close to her as he could humanly get to save himself from drowning.

“Forgive me, Kathryn.” He begged.

“I forgive you, Chakotay. This will never make the logs, official or otherwise. This is between Kathryn and Chakotay.”

The Doctor… I hurt you.”

“I will heal. I am so sorry for what you experienced, Chakotay. I am sorry for everything you saw and that it drove you to this point.” She stroked his hair. The last time she had been this close to him had been on a distant planet they had named New Earth on a cramped bunk not built for two after an angry warrior had laid his heart on the table for her. She had promised him the universe in a silver goblet that night and he had drank from her and then filled her again, loving her until sun up, becoming one with her.

Chakotay looked into her eyes and knew she was thinking about New Earth. Her eyes had glazed over with love and desire as she reminisced. He hadn’t taken from her that night. She gave herself freely, the gift he had longed for and prized so deeply, the gift of herself, a gift she had retracted when they had returned to Voyager… that gift which he had promised to wait until eternity to behold again.

He leaned forward and kissed her, hesitant at first, then more surely as she responded to him. He felt his thoughts and memories of the Borg and their horrors… the horrors that drove him to raping his Kathryn, recede to the back of his mind. They were replaced by thoughts of Kathryn, sweet Kathryn whose body now responded pleasurably to his touch with nipples that pebbled beneath the manipulation of his fingers, the body that arched towards him as he grew hard within her. Kathryn, the woman that he loved more than his own life, the woman who had saved him so many times over. Not just in the physical sense, but saved him from himself. The beautiful, woman warrior who had extended her hand in an offer of friendship and unity between their two warring tribes despite the possible consequences of her actions. Kathryn, who loved him and understood him on levels he never thought anyone could. Kathryn, who had promised her life to him once they saw their crew him.

Kathryn relaxed against him as he kissed her. Perhaps they both needed this. She moaned against his mouth as she felt him harden within her, swelling and filling her full. She hoped he knew this could not continue after the dawn, but right now they both needed this desperately.

Chakotay began to slowly, rhythmically pump in and out of her, hearing her soft, throaty moans.

“I love you, Kathryn.” He was overwhelmed by how tightly she gripped him. As tight as a glove.

“I love you, too.” She sighed, feeling the waves of an orgasmic tidal wave engulfing her.

They’d slept in each others arms that night then, the next morning, they forced a tense, but workable return to order. The entire crew picked up on the fact that something had changed between their Captain and Commander, but no one knew what. They never spoke of that night until many years and a marriage later and they certainly had not told anyone else.*

Janeway found herself sitting on the floor of her quarters with her husband’s medicine bundle. She opened it and removed the river stone, the blackbird’s wing, the Akoonah, and the new objects he had acquired since the beginning of their journey: a stone from New Earth, the long braid that had been her hair before she cut it many years prior, grains of rice and a flower from her bouquet from their wedding day, the first image of Victoria in her womb after she had discovered she was pregnant, and a shiny lock of Victoria’s hair.

Janeway began her vision quest through meditation. She sought her spirit guide but was graced with a guide of another form.

*“Father.” She greeted Kolopak. She recognized her husband’s father from their many vision quests together.

“Daughter, wife of my only son, you must be strong like the mountain and as brave as the eagle. Your time to rest has not come. The clash between the tribes has only begun. You and my Chakotay share a very special bond: a strong and unique union. Bonds created in the light of adversary are thee most strongest. Yet to have strength you must also know how to use your weakness.”

“Father, I’m afraid I don’t understand.”

“Every challenge comes with glory and sorrow. To win you must accept defeat, no matter how small and insignificant.”

Kathryn was puzzled. How did she accept defeat yet still win the battle? How did she use weakness when what she needed was strength.

“My Kathryn, you are too much the scientist. The shortest distance between two points isn’t always the straight line. Even the greatest accomplishments were not obtained without tears.”

Kathryn’s eyes widened. “Father, am I going to lose a loved one?”

Kolopak smiled and took her into his arms. “The spirits work in their own, mysterious ways, child. Closer to you than you realize. Closer than my Chakotay, even. Part of you. The two of you are joined in a union that no man and woman could ever join in.”

“Victoria!” she gasped. Closer than a man and a woman. Victoria was part of her flesh. “Father…”

“The spirits whisper of a time of change. Embrace it, consequences and all, or fall against it. Wheels have been set into motion that you cannot control. Tides of fate were triggered many moons ago and fate always catches up with itself. Play your part, Kathryn. Do not concern yourself with what will be. Destiny has been decided. What will be has already been written, now you must step into your part of the story. History is being written. Play your part or fall to your adversary.”*

Kathryn looked around and found herself back in her quarters. Someone close to her was going to die, but who? She had already lost too many people to the Delta Quadrant, she wasn’t going to lose anyone else. Fate and destiny be damned. She would not lose another life to this God-awful Quadrant. This time she would see everyone home safe.

“Tuvok to Janeway.”

“Go ahead, Commander.”

“We are nearing Borg space. The crew has been inoculated as have the bio-neural gel packs.”

“Very good, Mr. Tuvok. I’m on my way, Janeway out.” She straightened her hair and uniform before leaving her quarters.

The Queen cocked her head as she sat in her private regeneration chamber. Legacy had arrived. She had been alerted by the sensors. This was the moment she had been waiting for. Her time to rise to supremacy in the galaxy. The time had come to show her strength and to assimilate Janeway once and for all.

Just as she had suspected, Janeway had come to rescue her crew and to use the new Federation ship. She was a smart one. She knew exactly where to come. Now she was in the center of the hive… surrounded with no viable escape. Janeway had walked right into her lair and didn’t bother to leave an escape route. Very bold, very daring, and very ignorant.

The Queen ordered her drones to work. She sent two cubes to greet Legacy and to escort the ship to her “front door”.

“Hail Legacy. Speakers only.” She waited for the channel to be established. “How delightful. You brought new drones right to me, Janeway.”

“Now who said I brought you new drones. I’ve come to liberate a few. I’ve come to take back what’s mine.” Janeway retorted as icy chills worked their way down her spine. That voice…

“They belong to my collective now.”

Janeway’s skin prickled. The voice… The voice of the Queen… It had changed since their last encounter. Still metallic and liquid… but why was it do damn familiar?

“You will release my people or suffer the consequences.”

The Queen cackled. “The Federation will never be powerful enough to defeat us. We are Borg. We are superior, we will adapt.”

Janeway felt the ace up her sleeve. Did she strike? No. She wanted to wait. She wanted to be face to face with the Queen, she wanted to look into her dying eyes and see the shimmer of defeat. “Are you willing to bet the existence of your precious collective on a flawed assumption? The tables have turned.”

The Queen sneered at Janeway’s arrogance. She still had yet to tip her hand to the Admiral and decided that she wasn’t going to just yet.

“We shall see. Prepare to be assimilated, Janeway.”

Janeway’s eyes narrowed as she watched the central hub on the view screen. “No. I believe it is you who should prepare to be assimilated. Legacy out.” She turned. “Mr. Paris, bring us within transporter range. Away teams, assemble your equipment. We’re going to board the hub.”

Victoria, B’Elanna, T’Shel, Tuvok, and Janeway headed towards the turbolift. “Janeway to Sickbay, doctor, meet us in transporter room one. You’re going along too. Mr. Paris, the bridge is yours. Let’s go.”

Compression phaser rifles and hyposprays with supplies of toxic nanoprobes were distributed to the away team as they made their way to the transporter room. It was time to show the Borg what it meant to be inferior.

“You all have your orders. We will return to the transporter coordinates in one hour. I will not accept any losses.” Janeway stated firmly. “Energize.”

They found themselves in the dark, sickly green glow of the central hub. It was the center of the hive and the key to controlling all collective activity throughout the entire galaxy. Were it to be destroyed, the entire collective would be paralyzed. The destruction of the central hub would cause a cascading shut down of all transwarp hubs and in theory the drones and their cubes would hibernate… capable of being destroyed with little resistance.

Everything they knew was in theory, but Janeway was confident in her theories. She had studied the Borg in-depth and had made them her specialty. Borg technology salvaged from Voyager and other encounters proved enlightening. She had dissected the elder Admiral Janeway’s technology from the destroyed future and made improvements upon it. She had personally trained T’Shel, Tuvok’s daughter, in the operations and development of the technology. T’Shel was her back-up if something were to happen to her.

The adaptive shielding was brand new. It was developed to adapt to most known weapons signatures and it could be used to absorb power from the weapons systems of the enemy, draining their resources with every volley. The adaptive shielding was deflective and could be modulated to deflect weapons fire like tossing marshmallows at a titanium wall. The new quadraphasic torpedoes had built-in adapters, designed to adapt to the enemies shields and tear through them as though they didn’t exist. Starfleet was on the verge of a major break through. They were testing the possibilities of creating temporal flux torpedoes. They would remain in a state of temporal flux until just nanoseconds before impact, making them impervious to shields.

Annika had been Janeway’s back-up until being sent on the Voyager II mission. She had gone through a memory wipe to destroy all knowledge of Legacy and her specialized systems.

“T’Shel, I want you and B’Elanna to head to the core. You will find a central computer nexus that controls the hive. Infect it and deliver the package. Keep an open comm. line. Tuvok, I want you and the Doctor to find our people. Beam them to safety after you have infected them. Victoria, you’re with me. We have to be audience to the Queen’s fall from power.”

The three teams split up and headed in different directions, all keeping their phasers at the ready. The Borg, true to their nature, did not attack. They never attacked unless they were provoked. Tension was thick as the Legacy crew waited for the attack to come at any unexpected moment. But, the attack didn’t come. The Borg allowed them access to nearly everything.

“Delivery to Janeway. We’ve found it.” B’Elanna reported. “It’s surrounded by a forcefield. I’ll need at least fifteen minutes, maybe ten if I’m lucky.”

“Very good. Rescue team, have you located our people?”

“We have found Annika Hanson and Naomi Wildman. We are attempting to intercept.” Tuvok replied.

“If Annika is capable, please send her to assist the delivery team.” Janeway requested.

“Understood, Admiral.”

“Legacy to Janeway.”

“Go ahead, Tom.”

“Admiral, we have two more cubes moving to intercept us.” Tom reported from Legacy’s conn.

“Understood, Mr. Paris. Keep a lock on us. Raise the shields but do not activate the specialized systems unless they attack. I’d hate to tip our hand so soon.”

“Yes, Admiral. Legacy at stand-by.”

“Are you ready, Victoria?”

“Yes, Mom… And, Mom… I love you.”

“I love you too, honey. Now remember, no matter what happens, follow my orders, even if it means leaving me.”

Victoria grabbed her mom’s hand. “I know.”

Janeway tapped at the controls to the entrance to the Queen’s chamber. The door swooshed open before she had completed. The Queen had invited them into her lair.

“Commander, I am grateful.” Annika said as soon as her mind was separated from that of the collective.

“Annika Hanson. Are you capable of assisting Mrs. Paris and T’Shel?” Tuvok asked.

“Your body is going to begin rejecting the implants at any moment now. It will be quite painful…”

“I remember, Doctor. Pain is irrelevant. I will adapt. I will assist B’Elanna. Save the others. You will find Miral here and Harry Kim is in the core.” Annika pointed to key points on a display on the wall.

“Legacy, beam Ensign Wildman to sickbay.” Doctor Joe instructed.

“Energizing.” Tommy Paris’ voice came in return.

“Curious.” Tuvok commented.

“What is, Mr. Tuvok?” Doctor Joe questioned as they continued moving through the hub.

“We have liberated two Borg from the collective, an act that would normally prompt retaliation from the Borg, yet they continue to ignore our presence.”

“Very curious, indeed.” The Doctor replied as they found another young Ensign from Voyager II. She looked to be a Delaney daughter. It was nearly impossible to tell whose daughter she was with Jenny and Meghan Delaney being twins. They injected deprogramming nanoprobes into the girl and transported her back to Legacy.

“Delivery to Rescue. We have injected Harry Kim, Miral Paris, Tonya Cavit, and Justin Niccoletti.” Annika reported through the comm. system. “I believe the only crew member remaining here on the hub is Captain Chakotay.”

“Can you locate him?” Doc Joe questioned.

“I believe he is in the Queen’s chambers. He has been her personal drone since we arrived. There is something you need to know about the Queen…” Annika started.

“Annika, hold that thought. We need your assistance.” B’Elanna suddenly cried out.

The Borg drones had abandoned their work and were moving towards them in a hostile fashion.

“Delivery team, report.” Tuvok snapped.

“The Borg have turned hostile. We must complete our mission.” T’Shel reported.

“We are on our way to provide assistance.” Tuvok stated as he led the way towards the center of the hub.

“How kind of you to join me to witness the end of the galaxy, Kathryn Janeway of Voyager.” The Queen’s voice filtered through the darkness of her lair. “Your mate has served me well. He has made an excellent drone.” She jerked her chin and Chakotay stepped from his alcove.

“Daddy?” Victoria whispered as she forced the tears back when he came into view. She couldn’t allow herself to feel emotions. She was an officer with a duty, just like her mom. She would make them proud.

With one thought, one brain wave, the Queen sent a mental order to Chakotay. *’Assimilate Victoria Janeway.’*

Chakotay responded in a robotic, controlled fashion. He moved towards his daughter like an empty minded zombie.

“Leave her alone. I have a feeling this is personal between you and I or you wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of assuring that I would come.” Janeway had her suspicious about the original identity of the Queen before she had ascended to the collective’s throne. When the previous Queen had died, a new female drone was placed in the control and power position. The idea was utterly terrifying in it’s prospects.

“Legacy to Janeway. We are under heavy fire and will be unable to transport you back.”

“Thank you, Tom.” Janeway glanced at the Queen, who still lurked in the shadows. “You have me here. Call them off and we’ll settle this.” She raised her rifle.

The Queen laughed. “Foolish Janeway. You can not harm me with your punitive human weapons.”

“If you don’t fear me, then show yourself.” She challenged.

“First, watch your husband assimilate your child… your future.” She ordered.

Chakotay had cornered Victoria and the injection tubules shot from his wrist into her neck. Victoria screamed in defeat as nanoprobes flooded her body. Moments later… the first implant of her new Borg life erupted on her face as she cried in pain. She withered on the floor in the agony of the assimilation process.

The Queen grabbed the off-guard Admiral around the throat. “Where is your precious technology now? Legacy will fall, just as simply and easily as Voyager II did. And, I will make you watch as I assimilate Earth.” The voice hissed in her ear.

Suddenly, Janeway knew everything. “I left you behind. You should have died!” she gasped in realization.

“You damned me to the collective! I return to give you a chance to right your wrongs and you damn me to a life in the collective as a drone. How dare you. Now, I will enjoy your assimilation as much as she enjoyed mine. One Kathryn Janeway be damned to hell and now you shall join me and my collective of eternal damnation.”

Janeway twisted in the Queen’s grasp and found herself staring into a pair electric blue eyes, identical to her own. Terror flooded her veins. Determination but lifelessness reflected in those blue orbs that were no longer human.

“My elder self from the future. The hub exploded… you were there…”

“I am Kathrell of Borg.”

“You should have perished…”

The Queen’s eyes narrowed. “You are such a puny minded being. Do you think the Borg would really have lost the opportunity to assimilate Kathryn Janeway? When they realized I was still on the transwarp hub, they transported me away from the explosions and deposited me here. My assimilation continued and they completed me to be their new Queen.”

“How could Kathryn Janeway allow herself to become a Borg Queen? You are obviously somewhat free minded. Make a decision.”

“I am Kathrell of Borg and my decisions are in the best interest of the collective as a whole. Now, I will assimilate Kathryn Janeway, once and for all. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile.”

Kathryn felt like she were being read her rights. She felt no fear as the Borg Queen prepared to assimilate her.

“No, Kathrell, formerly Kathryn Janeway. It is you who should prepare. Your collective is about to be destroyed.” Janeway give the Borg version of herself a pitiful look. “Your time in this universe has expired. The universe is not big enough for both of us.”

The Queen smiled. “Therefore, you must die.” She pierced Janeway’s flesh with the injection tubules and infected her with the nanoprobes and waited.

“Victoria, now… all teams, initiate the specialized systems. Delivery, initiate our care package.”

The Queen was horrified when Victoria stood from the ground as though nothing had transpired. She was even more horrified to see that Chakotay’s body had begun to spontaneously reject the implants.

“Legacy, two to beam to sickbay.” Victoria called.

“Stand-by. We are still under heavy fire.” Tom’s disembodied voice replied.

Tom piloted the ship expertly, keeping them out of Borg fire. The little ship was quick, but not quick enough to escape all fire. He had to drop the shields to transport the teams. They needed T’Shel or Janeway to initiate the specialized systems but they couldn’t drop shields. They were surrounded by cubes hell bent on their assimilation. Tom was frantic. He had to get the teams out of there.

“I have a plan, Dad.” Tommy piped up.

“I’m open for anything. Shoot, son.”

“If you can initiate the cloak for thirty seconds and go to warp for only a moment, I might be able to bounce an echo of us off of the hub and make it appear to their sensors that we went the opposite way. It would buy us enough time to transport the teams.” Tommy suggested, reading the display on his console. He had read about this maneuver.

“Sounds good to me. Sam, can you get a lock?”

“Lock on. Initiate cloak in three… two… one… mark.”

“Now, Dad!” Tommy cried out as he manipulated the deflector to bounce their echo off of the hub. “It worked!” he cried out a moment later.

“Transport everyone but Janeway.” Tom ordered.

“But we might not get another chance to…”

“Orders, Sam.” He replied.

“Energizing.” She stated, sadly.

Janeway watched as Victoria and Chakotay disappeared to the Queen’s magnified horror.

“How?” she demanded, suddenly realizing that she no longer held the upper hand. She picked up a phaser and aimed it at her younger self.

“I have defeated the collective once and for all. I have armed the federation with technology that can protect us from your nanoprobes. Right now, your nanoprobes should be assimilating my body, taking over my vital systems and preparing me to be processed as a drone. The technology in my body neutralized your nanoprobes before they even had a chance.”

“I saw the implant on Victoria’s face.”

“Merely a prop designed to make you believe she was being assimilated. It was implanted beneath her skin and she controlled when it erupted on her face” Her eyes narrowed. “Admit defeat.”

The Queen’s eyes narrowed in challenge. “We are the Borg. You will never defeat us.” She fired the weapon at Janeway. “We will adapt.”

Janeway narrowly ducked the phaser fire and tackled the Queen, taking her to the ground.

“I haven’t finished.” She snarled. “While you were distracted by your quest for revenge, my crew delivered a few items to your hub and modified a few systems. The technology that prevented me from being assimilated has infected your hub and any cube that has been docked here within the past hour. It will infect any drone that enters a regeneration cycle or links with the cube. My crew also input a subroutine that will cause your hub’s systems to cataclysmically destabilize and fail, disrupting your control over all of the subspace hubs and your fleet of cubes.” Janeway pressed her wrist to the Queens neck. “And now you are infected. Your body will reject the implants and you will die without medical attention.

The queen fought but Janeway held tight.

“When you are disconnected from the collective and this hub is destroyed, any and all remaining Borg and their cubes will hibernate and be easy targets for those out there who are waiting for some payback.”

“Legacy to Janeway. I strongly suggest that you get out of there.” Paris’ voice announced.

Janeway stood, discarding the withering Queen on the floor. “Agreed. One to beam up.”

The Queen smiled. “They can’t. Kathryn Janeway will die, past and present, but I will live on forever.”

“Uh, Admiral, there is a forcefield around your location. We can’t transport you out.” BreeAnne replied.

Janeway’s eyes flew to the identical ones of the dying Queen. “Release it.” She snapped.

“You have disconnected me. I cannot.”

“Admiral, we have initiated the specialized systems. The hub will destruct in less than five minutes.” T’Shel reported.

“Get Legacy the hell out of here!” Janeway snapped as she manipulated a computer console to no avail. The entire computer system was destabilizing.


“That’s an order, Tom. Now!”

“Mom! No!” Victoria’s scream came across the comm.

“Yes, Admiral.” He replied softly. Chakotay was going to kill them. He powered the engines to warp and flew away from the station. He dropped them out of warp at a safe distance from the hub and it’s shockwave.

“Three minutes.” BreeAnne announced.

“Paris to Doctor. How is our crew?”

“Healing. The Admiral?”

“She stayed on the hub. A forcefield prevented us from…”

“God damn it, Paris! Go back!” Chakotay’s voice roared. “Now! I’m assuming command. Go back and get her. Back off, Doctor.” He yelled as the bridge crew heard the hiss of the doors.

Janeway watched the count down on the display. Forty-five seconds…






Suddenly the forcefield destabilized.

She had thirty-nine seconds and counting. She manipulated the computer, her fingers flying over the console, fighting time, fighting the destabilizing systems of the hub.

“Your time is almost expired, Janeway.” The weak voice of the Queen mocked her.

Janeway wiped her brow and activated the homing signal on her comm. badge. “No. It hasn’t.”

That was the last thing she said then heard the Queen’s agonized scream of defeat as the chaos began and the key systems began to erupt in flames. She closed her eyes, held her breath, and actually prayed for a miracle and that she would survive the shock wave.

Chakotay burst onto the bridge. He looked a mess, still bald from his experience as a Borg, and his face still had the ocular implant. He was clad only in Starfleet issue medical scrubs. Thirty-nine seconds. He had thirty-eight seconds to wring Tom’s neck, take their ship into harms way and save his wife.

“Warp eight, back to the hub.” He ordered.

“You’re going to kill us all!” B’Elanna snapped.

“You left her there to die!” he roared back. “I gave you an order, Tom!” He turned his eyes, full of fury, on the blond man.

“I’m sorry, old man. I can’t do it. The Admiral ordered…”

“To hell with her orders! She’s not here. I am. How could you desert her?” Ten seconds. “After all she did for you!”

Tom jumped from his chair. Eight seconds. “She gave us the order! She specifically ordered us to safety and she said not to return regardless of your demands. All she ever cared about was Voyager, her crew, her duty. She’s sacrificed herself over and over for us but this time we were powerless to save her. We love her too and it sickens me to think that this is what it cost to save our families. Every time I look at my daughter I’m going to see Kathryn and know that she died so Miral could live. Do you think that’s going to be easy for me? For any of us?”


“Shockwave impact in three… two… one… brace for impact!” T’Shel’s cool, quiet voice said.

The shockwave caused the ship to dip and buck as it passed… then everything was still… and silent.

Chakotay sat down in his chair… his wife’s chair… his late wife’s chair… NO! She was not dead. Kathryn Janeway was a fighter, a survivor. She couldn’t… wouldn’t die. Not here. Not now. He wasn’t ready to accept it.

“Return to ground zero. Scan for life signs. Search and rescue mode.” He ordered quietly as he grasped Victoria’s hand and tried to comfort his daughter who was sobbing uncontrollably.

Legacy flew among the ruins of the hub and numerous Borg cubes, scanning for human life… any life.

“Incredible… she masterminded all of this?!” Chakotay asked, amazed. His wife, his Kathryn… when did she have the time… She conceived all of this and he had been completely oblivious.

“The Admiral developed the concept for majority of the technology we used to destroy the Borg and to save the crew members of Voyager II. She headed up a team of researchers and the development department for the Legacy project. She, in fact, designed this very ship.” Tuvok told his former Commander.

“She is certainly one amazing woman.” Sam Wildman said.

Chakotay forced back his tears. She certainly was. He was looking forward to her telling him all about her top secret work with Legacy now that the secret was our.

“Come on, Kathryn, where are you?” he whispered, eying the wreckage as it floated past on the screen.

For an hour they plowed through the massive amounts of debris, searching, and hoping beyond hope that she was…

“Sir, I believe I have something.”

Chakotay swung around to look at T’Shel. “What have you found?”

“I am not sure. It seems to be a very weak Starfleet signature. Proceed to coordinates nine six two point oh one.”

“You heard her, Tom.” Chakotay braced himself. He prayed he would not have to see her dead body floating through space.

“I do not believe it is the Admiral. These coordinates are far beyond the transporter range of the hub.” T’Shel announced.

Chakotay’s spirits fell. Leave it to a Vulcan to dispel any sense of hope.

We’re less than two thousand kilometers from the coordinates.” Tom reported.


It was a Borg ship, drifting dead in space. It appeared to be very badly damaged from the explosion and the force of the shockwave.

“Nothing on that ship could have survived.” BreeAnne mused aloud.

“How in the universe could she have gotten here?” Chakotay wondered aloud as well.

“I’m detecting very faint humanoid life signs.” BreeAnne reported as she refocused on her console.

“The homing signal?”

“It appears to be faint… too faint to be a Starfleet homing signal from a comm. badge. I have isolated it to a remote section of the cube. This section does not appear to have suffered as much damage as the rest.”

“Tuvok, you’re with me. Chakotay to Sickbay, Doctor, can you be spared?”

“Not at the moment, Captain.” He replied.

“He can not, but I can.” Annika’s voice replied.

“Very good. Meet us in the transporter room. Chakotay out.” He passed a compression phaser rifle to Tuvok.

When their vision returned, the first thing that they noticed was that the ship had been scorched and that there were bodies of dead Borg all around them. The few that they encountered live were so badly damaged that they were on the verge of death. Their cybernetic systems were in hibernation and therefore it was impossible for them to regenerate the humanoid tissue that kept them alive.

Chakotay continued to be awestruck when he looked around. Kathryn Janeway… his Kathryn… had done all of this. She had destroyed the Borg, one of the most feared species in the entire galaxy. She had done it all and possibly gave her life to ensure the safety of the galaxy.



He had so many questions to ask her. He couldn’t believe how in-the-dark he had been about the Legacy project. She had put her heart and soul into the project. He could tell, could sense it, could feel it.

“This way, Captain.” Annika led the way through the destruction.

They found themselves standing in a room with incubators and solid, titanium chambers.

“Maturation chambers?” Tuvok questioned.

“Precisely.” Annika replied as she moved towards the chamber. She began punching in codes and algorithms, trying to open the chamber.

Suddenly, the chamber popped open and out spilled a badly burned body. Chakotay caught the body in his arms and when the head rolled back, he recognized the face of his Kathryn. Her face had been unscathed but the rest of her made him cringe in pain. Her comm. badge had been practically melted.

“She’s alive, but just barely. She has sustained second and third degree burns on over seventy-five percent of her body. We must get her back to Legacy.” Annika stated as she read her tricorder read out.

“Tuvok to Legacy. Beam Admiral Janeway directly to sickbay. Lock onto my position.” He took his friend into his arms.

“Energizing.” Tom’s voice returned.

“Prepare to beam away…”

“Captain.” Annika called. She had wandered towards another chamber.

“Stand-by Legacy. What have you found, Annika?” Chakotay asked as she began punching codes into another chamber.

When the chamber opened, the body of a child fell into Annika’s arms.


When the child’s auburn head rolled back in Annika’s arms, they both gasped.

“Is she?”

“She is alive… and she is as you suspect.”

“Spirits.” Chakotay said. “Legacy, three to beam to sickbay.”

“Three… uh… ok Captain. Energizing.” BreeAnne replied, confused.

When they materialized in sickbay, it was utter mayhem. The Doctor was working furiously over the dying Admiral.

“She’s going into cardiac arrest.” He announced.

“Tuvok, set a slip stream course for Earth. Take us to Starfleet Medical. I don’t care if you have to land the damn ship in their front yard… just get us there. Now.” Chakotay ordered as he moved towards the bed occupied by his beloved wife.

“Aye, Sir.” Tuvok replied before leaving the room.

Chakotay took his wife’s burned hand in his and closed his eyes, praying. “Please, please don’t take her from me.” He begged the spirits. She was his heart and soul and he loved her very much. They had a family to raise.

“Stabilizing.” The Doctor announced. “Regenerating the dermal tissue layers. She’s not completely out of the woods yet, but I think she’s going to live.”

Chakotay opened his eyes and watched his wife’s flesh regenerate pink and new with every swipe of the device in the doctor’s hand.

“I’m removing the nanoprobes from her system.” He reported. “She’s going to be out for a while. The best thing for her is to rest. Now, I’m going to see about our young patient.

Chakotay and leaned down and kissed Kathryn’s lips with a smile. He couldn’t wait until she woke up. He had a surprise for her. She wasn’t going to believe it.

“Chakotay to Tuvok. Belay those coordinates. Find a place where we will be safe and won’t have to worry about being hunted down by Starfleet. Let’s get our crew healed and healthy before they face prison.”

“I trust that the Admiral is no longer in danger.”

“She’s going to be just fine.”

“Very good, Sir. Bridge out.”

Tuvok returned them to the Alpha Quadrant and hid them under cloak in a remote nebula. They were virtually undetectable unless someone ran into them.

A week passed and the crew and the victims of the Borg had almost been completely restored to their healthy states. Implants and nanoprobes had been removed, injuries had been healed, and now they were undergoing psychological restoration.

Admiral Janeway, anxious to see her ship and crew, had been confined to quarters.

“I can’t believe you have confined me here! I’m feeling just fine!”

“Kathryn, you need to relax and the only way I know you’re going to do that is by keeping you here.” He paused. “How in God’s name did you do it?”

“Once the forcefield dropped, I transported to the nearest ship and found it in shambles. I kept transporting as far as I could, bouncing from damaged ship to damaged ship, never sure what I was going to materialize into. I kept bouncing around, trying to get as far away from the explosion and the shockwave as I could. I figured you would come looking for me. When I couldn’t find another ship in range, I transported myself into the maturation chamber. I figured it would shield me from majority of the shockwave.”

He looked at her amazed for a moment, then he asked a burning question: “When were you going to tell me about Legacy?”


“How could you keep something like that from me?” he demanded.

“We’re not going to go around and round about this, Chakotay. I was under orders. Legacy was a top secret project. It was risk enough sending Annika into the Delta Quadrant. We weren’t exactly sure what she was going to remember about the project. But everything came out alright in the end.’

“Alright! Kathryn, I damn near lost you.”

“Almost. You didn’t.” she replied as she leaned in to kiss him.

“I don’t know what I would have done…” he took her into his arms and held her tightly. “I love you. I love you more than life itself, Kathryn.”

“And how do you think I felt? When Jean-Luc told me that Voyager II had been destroyed, I knew I had to do something. I couldn’t just sit there and accept that you all were now Borg. I couldn’t sleep when I though of you living like that.”

“Thank you for coming after us, Kathryn.”

“I couldn’t have done anything but.”

“And by the way, what were you thinking to bring Victoria and Tommy along?”

“Oh, no you don’t.” she replied. “You ask your daughter and God-son about that. They invited themselves. I had fully intended upon leaving them safe on Earth. They decided, of their own accord, to join us. They made their way to DS9 and hid on Atlantis until after we were through the wormhole and on our way to where Legacy was hidden in the Gamma Quadrant. By that time, we couldn’t take them back.”

“How did they beat security?” he asked, astonished.

“I’ll let you ask them that. It’s quite amazing. Now, if you don’t mind, I’d really like to see to my ship and crew. I out rank you.”

Chakotay couldn’t help but admire her stubbornness. “Sorry, Kathryn. You’re stuck here until further notice. It’s in the regulations. I have relieved you of duty for medical reasons. Now, I have to see to the Doctor. I’ll be back in a bit.”

“Have I told you how much you piss me off when you throw the book at me.” She replied as she slumped in her chair.

Chakotay smiled at her, his heart soared just to have her back in his arms and his life. “You can tell me all about it later, love.” Then he slid out of their quarters before she had the chance to throw something at him.

Chakotay was still smirking when he entered sickbay a few moments later. He wanted to check on the youngest victim, who still remained in sickbay.

“How is she?” he asked the Doctor.

“See for yourself, Captain.” He pointed.

Chakotay followed the direction in which he pointed and saw the child sitting at his desk in the lab, digesting the contents displayed on the screen. He peered in to find her reading the Academy text books.

“Hello.” He greeted the beautiful auburn haired child.

“State your purpose.” She simply replied in Borg-like fashion.

“I came to make your acquaintance.” He replied.

“State your designation.”

Chakotay smiled. She reminded him of Annika when they first liberated her from the Borg. “My name. I am human. We have names not designations.”

“Human. Species 5618. I am Borg.”

That made Chakotay stare at her hard. The only Borg who ever referred to themselves as individuals were the Queens and Locutus.

“My name is Chakotay. Do you have a name?”

“My designation is one of one.”

“And what is your purpose?”

“I will some day be Queen of the collective.”

She was as he suspected. What a terrifying prospect.

“The collective has been destroyed. We have liberated you and given you another identity.”

“Explain.” Her attention had turned from the texts to being completely focused on him.

“You are human and you now belong to humanity. We are a race of individuals.”

“If I belong to your collective why can I not hear your thoughts?”

“Human’s thoughts are a private thing. We share those that we want to through verbal and written communication.” He explained.

“Inefficent.” She decided. “Return me to my collective.”

“I can’t do that. The Borg have been destroyed.”

“Impossble. The Borg are the most powerful species in this Quadrant. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.”

“May I?” he reached for the computer and was surprised when she allowed him access to it. He pulled up the sensor logs and reports of the complete devastation of the Borg. “Read that. It will help you to understand that what I say is true. When I return, I will have a surprise for you.” He stated as he left the office. To the Doctor, he said: “I have given her something to read. I’m going to prepare Kathryn before I release her from her confinement and bring her here.”

“Chakotay, define surprise.” A voice demanded from behind him, sounding full of authority.

He turned and found himself looking down into her serious, electric blue eyes. She waited patiently.

“It is a secret that you will find out about later.”

“The purpose is for me to remain in agitated suspense while I await the unveiling of the surprise.”

Chakotay smiled. He knew he could spend all day teaching her things, but he really had to see to Kathryn she was nearly livid at being confined. “It is supposed to be fun for you.”

“What is the purpose of fun?”

“I am going to leave the Doctor to answer all of your questions.” Then he turned and exited as she began firing her volley of questions at the Doc.

Chakotay prepared himself. Kathryn was the only one who didn’t know about their young passenger. He’d been directing all reports to her, except for those that included information about their young guest. Victoria knew, but she didn’t know the true identity of their guest and he had requested that she not say a word to Kathryn.

“The most resourceful woman in the entire universe and you can’t even break out of your quarters.” Chakotay mocked her when he stepped into the room.

“Chakotay, I swear to God! I am going stir crazy and your mocking me doesn’t help your chances of surviving this conversation!” she snapped.

“You’re supposed to be relaxing, remember?”

“Relax! I hate being confined. You may as well have put me in the brig!” she moaned.

“I’m releasing you.”

“Thank God!” she bolted towards the door.

“Kathryn. Sit. Down.” He punctuated his words firmly.

Kathryn turned. She had seldom heard her husband with that tone of voice. She sat down.

“Your ship and crew are fine. You have seen all of the reports, except for a few I intercepted. Those ones included information about our additional passenger.”

Her eyes widened. “Kathrell, the Borg Queen…” she gasped. Had she escaped the shockwave too? Had they managed to save her and liberate her?

“No.” He replied. How did he tell her? It had been a complete shock to him.

“Then who?”

“You.” He replied.

She looked as him confused. How could she be an additional passenger? She was a Starfleet Admiral. She was thee Kathryn Janeway. “What do you mean?”

“Come with me. I will show you.”

Chakotay led the way to sickbay and allowed Kathryn to enter first.

Kathryn stopped dead in her tracks. She couldn’t believe her eyes. There, standing before the Doctor, with her hands on her hips, badgering him with questions, was a short, petite little girl with long auburn locks that curled at the ends. From her height, Kathryn guessed her at eight human years old.

“Ah, Admiral, Captain Chakotay. I am certainly glad to see you. She as going to make me explain the concept of human emotions and the cause and effect.” Doc Joe stated.

As though she were on cue, the little girl turned to face them.

"Captain? Your designation is not Captain.” She looked at Chakotay curiously.

“It is my position on this ship and in Starfleet.” He explained.

“And you. Is Admiral your designation or your rank?” she asked, looking pointedly at Kathryn.

“It is my position. My name is Kathryn.” She whispered, awestruck.

“The decibel of your speech is unacceptable. Please raise it by at least fifty percent before engaging in future conversations.”

“Where did she come from?” Kathryn asked, unable to turn her eyes from the child.

“She is designated as one of one. Her purpose was future Queen of the collective. Kathryn, she is a perfect clone of you, right down to the last strand of DNA. From what we can tell, the Borg assimilated a species traveling through this galaxy with advanced cloning technology. They adapted this technology to clone new drones. They were nearly to the point of not needing to assimilate. Had we not destroyed the collective, the Borg would have had the resources and capabilities to assimilate the entire galaxy in less than ten years.” The Doctor pronounced.

“The Queen, my former future double, had been grooming her own replacement. That’s what she meant when she said she had ensured her existence for decades.”

“Kathryn, what should we do?” Chakotay asked, jerking his chin towards their young companion.

Kathryn smiled. “We’ll raise her as our daughter. She is, after all, part of me.”

Chakotay smiled. He had been hoping that she would reply that way.

“Doctor, what is her prognosis? Will she ever experience emotions?”

“Once we finish removing her implants, she will be like any other normal child, except with above average intelligence. It will take her time to learn empathy and emotions, just like Seven… Annika, when she was liberated.” He reported.

Annika entered sickbay with a report on the medical condition of their crew.

“Seven of nine, tertiary adjunct of unimatrix 01. You are human. Species 5618.” The child addressed her.

“Yes. My name is Annika Hanson.”

“You were Borg.”


“But you were disconnected from the hive and assimilated into the human collective.”

“I was born human. Kathryn returned me to humanity.”

“One of one, I would like to be your mother and Chakotay would like to be your father. Will you be our daughter?” Kathryn asked as she knelt down in front of the girl.

“You describe a family unit. Are there other children in his family unit?” she asked.

“Yes. Victoria would be your sister.” Chakotay told her.

“If I am to join your family unit, I would have to have a human designation… name. How do I go about getting one?”

Kathryn smiled. “Usually parents choose names for their children when they are born, however, if you would like to choose one for yourself, you can research the database for one.”

“Thank you. Mother.” She turned and went into the Doctor’s office.

Chakotay smiled. “I think we should see to Victoria.”

“Then we have Starfleet to deal with.” Kathryn reminded him.

“I was so worried about you.” Tommy confessed as he held Victoria in his arms in front of her quarters. “I love you, Vic. When you were on the hub, I was terrified that I was going to lose you.”

“Never.” She smiled. “I’m with you as long as you want me.” She leaned in and kissed him.

The young lovers broke apart when someone cleared their throat behind them. Victoria braced herself when she turned and saw her parents standing behind them.

“Public displays of affection are not appropriate on Starfleet vessels.” Janeway simply stated. She had wanted to verbally thrash her daughter for her inappropriate conduct but restrained. Victoria was nearly an adult and she had displayed her maturity throughout the entire mission. She was a beautiful young woman who was capable of making intelligent decisions about her life and her future.

“Yes, Mom.” She replied, trying to quell her flushing cheeks.

“Vic, we have something important to tell you regarding…” Chakotay began.

“It’s the little girl, isn’t it? She’s my sister or related to me some how, isn’t she?” she interrupted.

“How did you know?” he asked.

“It’s obvious. She looks just like mom. Too much like her not to be related.”

“Actually, she’s a perfect clone of me. We’d like to raise her as our daughter… your little sister.” Kathryn told her.

“That’d be really neat, Mom. I always wanted a younger sibling around to pick on and to teach things.” She smiled. “So what is her name?”

“She doesn’t have one yet, but she is in sickbay researching the database for one. You can do see her if you’d like.”

Victoria smiled. “Wanna come with?” she asked Tommy, not giving him a chance to answer. She tugged him down the hall with her.

Chakotay smiled at Kathryn. “When did that happen?” he jerked his chin down the hall to his nearly grown daughter.

“I think about the same time I decided to play space cowgirl and ride on out to the ol’ D.Q. to save your hide.” She adopted a fake western accent.

“Well, cowgirl Katie. How about a tumble in the hayloft? I’m anxious to get reacquainted with my wife.” He swept her into his arms.

“Only if you wine and dine me first.” She teased.

“As long as I can cook.” He replied, carrying her towards their quarters.

“Fine. Carmel brownies are on me.” She replied before realizing how she had phrased it.

“Mmm, sounds delicious. Let’s skip to desert then.”

“I didn’t say served on me.” She laughed gleefully.

Chakotay gave her an evil grin as he slid into their quarters. “I’ll decide where I’d like my desert served, Kathryn.” Then the door swooshed closed behind them.

Later that evening, the chime to Janeway and Chakotay’s quarters chimed.

Sleepily, Janeway yawned. “Come in.” she called. Who would be disturbing them at this hour?

“Mother? I could not sleep. I am not used to being alone and the Doctor is regenerating.” A child’s voice said.

Kathryn smiled and slid over to the edge of the bed. “Would you like to join us, honey?” she asked.

“May I?”

Kathryn smiled as the young girl climbed into the bed and slid in between her and Chakotay. She cuddled the little girl as they drifted off to sleep. She was already adapting the behavior of young children. Kathryn smiled as she drifted off to sleep with thoughts of how Victoria had joined them in bed so many nights when she was small because she had a nightmare.

The following morning, Admiral Janeway stood on her crowded bridge with her hands on her hips. “Mr. Paris, set a slip stream course for Earth. Put us less than two hundred kilometers from the planet then prepare to land the ship.” She ordered. She couldn’t help the little snicker that escaped her as she surveyed the stations on the bridge that were double, triple and even quadruple staffed. She didn’t care. All that was important was that her entire crew and those rescued from the Borg had made a complete recovery.

“Have you decided on a name, yet?” Victoria asked her new little sister, who sat on her lap in one of the command chairs.

“I have exhausted the name database for all known species in the Federation and have not found a suitable name, though I am partial to Aurora. I still do not wish that to be my primary name.”

“We will think of something, sister.” Victoria assured her.

“Legacy to Starfleet Command. Prepare for our landing.” Janeway announced through the comm. as soon as they came out of slip stream. “Mr. Paris, put us down on the parade grounds of the Academy. B’Elanna, uplink out database to the Federation. Let’s show them what Legacy did.”

“That’s it!” the child proclaimed. “Legacy Aurora Janeway. That shall be my human desig… human name.”

The crew chuckled a little.

Victoria hugged her sister. “I don’t think I have heard a name more fitting to someone that that one.”

Epilogue (Eight Years Later)

“Here’s to friends.” Tom Paris raised his champagne glass.

“Future in-laws, too” B’Elanna added, raising her glass.

“And to retirement, finally!” Chakotay shot a knowing look at Kathryn.

“Ok, ok. I know. I’m the one who kept refusing. There is such a wealth of data from Legacy’s first mission. We still have logs and data to analyze and crack.”

“We, Kathryn?” Chakotay asked.

“Ok. Starfleet. They have stuff to analyze.”

“So what are you going to do now?” B’Elanna asked.

“Grow old and crotchety from boredom?” Kathryn joked back. “Seriously, Legacy has been keeping me busy. She is like a little sponge and I can’t give her enough to study and read. She’s already studying Academy graduate material and she’s only sixteen. Thank God she thinks relations between members of the opposite sex for copulation purposes is irrelevant at this point. She has grown weary of all of the planning and preparation for the wedding as well. She thinks fancy clothes are irrelevant too.”

“Is Annkia still tutoring her?” B’Elanna asked.

“They connect on a level that none of us really understand. It’s a very healthy relationship. Annika is completely devoted to Starfleet and doesn’t have time for a family or children. I told her she should try it sometime, but she says she doesn’t have any instinct for motherhood.” Kathryn replied.

“Look at how she was with Naomi, and now Sabrina Wildman and Legacy. I think she would make a fine mother.” Chakotay stated.

“Well, you certainly must be proud of Legacy. Another two year early admission to the Academy.” Tom grinned.

“You must be pretty damned proud yourselves. Tommy, a Lieutenant on the Enterprise.” Kathryn said as she sipped her champagne.

B’Elanna eyed Tom. “At least he’s not a chip off the ol’ block.”

“Hey, Maquis… Thank God neither of our children followed in our footsteps.” He poked her playfully in the ribs.”

“I heard Miral just left in command of the Legacy. Is she going to be back in time for the wedding?” Chakotay asked.

“She hopes to be. Did Victoria accept that helmsman position on the Enterprise? I can’t imagine them managing a marriage without being posted on the same ship.” B’Elanna commented.

Kathryn beamed. “She did. She is shooting for command one day.”

“Hey, those ribs should be done by now.” Chakotay realized as he stood. “I hope you like open fire barbeque.”

“A moment, please.” Kathryn requested as she stood and raised her glass in her hand. She looked around the park where they had decided to host the annual reunion of the original Voyager family. “Here’s to friends and family, may those who can not be with us rest in peace and those who travel with the stars have a safe and fair journey. May they always have a lighted path back home. Here’s to the past, may we learn from it, here’s to the present, may we enjoy it, and here’s to the future, may we prosper in it. And here’s to our future voyager’s and generations. Bless them with strength, character, and good will. Another chapter in our journey has closed, may the next one begin unfolding.”

The four friends… one a former outlaw who didn’t fit in anywhere, one a former convict, one a lost, angry warrior, and the last… the woman who guided them all home… clinked their glasses together.